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  1. Lady Bella UK

    The BHM/FFA "Free Hugs" Thread I saw this the video other day and felt inspired, as well as being inspired by the what are you happy about thread on here; so I thought we should have a hugs thread! A place to hug anyone and everyone whether they are sad, happy, lonely, excited...
  2. Lady Bella UK

    Awww, you are all sweeties!

    Dear all, I didn't realise how much I was missed until I came back on here! Thanks for all the PMs, love and kisses to all of you. Oh yes, you can finally see what I look like too! (Please be nice) Bella xxxxxxxxxxxx:kiss2::kiss2::kiss2:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. Lady Bella UK

    BHM/FFA Fantasy film thread

    Imagine there was to be a movie made centering around a romance between a large man and a large-man-loving lady, who would you be your two starring roles and why? (The male lead can either be a BHM already, or, a chunkyfied version of a slim actor.) I would pick Scarlett Johannson as my...
  4. Lady Bella UK


    Hi guys, Check out this week's postsecrets! ( There's one that might have been sent from someone here...? And before anyone asks, no it wasn't mine :D I have had one put on the website though, and I have had one published in one of the books. Has anyone else here sent...
  5. Lady Bella UK

    This week's Postsecrets I love the 5th secret down :D Bella xXx
  6. Lady Bella UK

    Lady Bella's Fiction

    To all you lovely people who inhabit this board, I have been writing some BHM/FFA fiction for quite a while now. I would personally not like it be be submitted to the story-boards here, but if anyone would like to read my favourite story, please PM me with your email address and I will share...
  7. Lady Bella UK

    Brad Pitt as a BHM
  8. Lady Bella UK

    I'm back...the "Ask Lady Bella Thread"

    I've been a week for a few weeks or so, and owe one of two people from here some correspondance. I'm have same very sad news in my life recently which has kept me down, but I'm determined to bounce back nonetheless! I've also been told by a gentleman that I'm very mysterious, which believe...
  9. Lady Bella UK

    Facebook Security Breach Good Lord, I am scared as people might have read the "interesting" conversations I have been having did they let this happen? Bella xXx
  10. Lady Bella UK


    Hello all, I was many reputation points do you need before you can change your title? I have no idea how far off I am, I have already decided what title I want to change to and everything. Sending you lots of best wishes, Bella xXx
  11. Lady Bella UK

    The *HUGS* Thread

    I'm feeling drained and a little low today, and I feel like a hug. So, I thought I'd start a thread of hugs :) Anyone in need of a little TLC should come here and get some squishy affectionate cuddles. {{{{{{{{{{{All the wonderful people who inhabit Dimensions}}}}}}}}}}}}}} Hugs are what...
  12. Lady Bella UK

    The wrong end of the stick personified...

    My boyfriend and I were just having a coffee out the other day, and this cute BHM came into the coffee shop and ordered the coffee. Me being me, I couldn't help but have a *sneaky* look. We had our coffee and left, and as we were leaving, my boyfriend suddenly says to me "Do you have a...
  13. Lady Bella UK

    Hello there, I'm New!

    Hello everybody, my name is Lady Bella! To tell you a bit about myself, I'm a 22 year old FFA who lives in Manchester, UK. I'm shortish, brunette, and a very curvy and happy to be so size 18. I have all the curves in the right places (ie big hips, curvy bottom and 38FF chest!) I've learnt to...