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  1. Deven

    Universal Studios

    My husband and I are headed to Universal Studios in June, and I was wondering if anyone had experience there with the rides? I know about the one Potter ride and rows 3 and 6, but I'm also looking at other rides outside of Wizarding World. Thanks!
  2. Deven

    So... could use some suggestions/help!

    So, I have $250 to spend at Roaman's/OneStopPlus for school clothes. I am not a fashionable girl. In fact, I like my graphic tees and jeans (most of my shirts have comic characters/pop culture references.) But I can't get away with that forever, I suppose. So, with that in mind, I'm a pear...
  3. Deven

    Feeding Hannibal

    So, I'm a bit into the macabre, and the TV show Hannibal just happened to be right up my alley. Well, since the first season (we're in the second now,) the food artist for the show has been maintaining a blog about it called Feeding Hannibal. Each week, she posts how she recreated it (often...
  4. Deven

    "I'm Overweight and My Boyfriend's Not. Big Freaking Deal."

    From Yahoo! Shine: I thought this was an awesome article to share with this community. A lot of us are in this same situation, and it's tough to know how to react when someone criticizes your choice in partner based on looks. I'm married to a thin guy. His last (and only) girlfriend before me...
  5. Deven

    Happy Birthday, Mathias!

    I hope its a good one! Have some cake!
  6. Deven

    BBW Model in Rammstein's "Mein Land" video

    So, I was watching Rammstein's Mein Land video (It's a Rammstein video. Use your judgement if you're at work.) There is a pretty BBW model in the video, she really appears in the beginning, but past the 2:15 mark she can really be seen (especially around 2:28.) I tried googling her because she's...
  7. Deven

    Help! I can't find a white sundress!

    I'm getting married 7/20 or 7/27 (we haven't decided yet.) I wanted a white sundress (or something gauzy) but I can't find anything! I'm a size 28W... Any of the frequent shoppers know of any good sites where I might find something?
  8. Deven

    S Moda has A Beautiful Plus Size Model on the cover and an Article!

    Candince Huffine on S Moda from the Huffington Post For all the talk about including "real women" in fashion spreads, it seems like plus-size models only pop up on special occasions, like Vogue Italia's all-plus size issue or a controversial nude photospread juxtaposing a fat body with a...
  9. Deven

    Happy Birthday, CastingPearls!

    May it be a fantastic one! I hope you get spoiled rotten!
  10. Deven

    Famous Copycat Recipes

    I recently found a site called CopyKat. It copies famous recipes, such as Orange Julius. It seems to be really hit or miss... but I'm going to make the Boston Market Creamed Spinach this weekend, and we'll see if it tastes similiar. Does anyone have any famous copycats they'd like to share...
  11. Deven

    Vogue Writer Puts the Spotlight on 7 Year Old Daughter's Weight

    The Daily Beast Initial Jezebel Article Jezebel Article on the Book It appears Vogue has taken down the article or never put it online, because I can't find it. Their writer named Dara Lynn Weiss talks about how she struggles with her 7 year old daughter being obese. The more emphasis you...
  12. Deven

    Microwave Recipes

    So, as I posted, our oven broke. We had it fixed, when it decided that it wasn't happy with that and decided to die again. And since it's the time of year where I usually turn into a cake/cookie factory, I'm sorely disappointed. Our new oven is being delivered by the guy who owns the repair shop...
  13. Deven

    The Good Wife fans?

    So, I don't know if anyone watches The Good Wife. I DVR it, because it comes out at the same time as Dexter, as The Amazing Race always over laps into The Good Wife, I watch Dexter. So, anyone else a fan? I'm admittedly on Team Will Gardner... but, I think Peter truly might've changed...
  14. Deven

    Can't Find a Plus Sized Leg Immobilizer

    I'm SUPPOSED to be in a leg immobilizer, but I can't find one big enough! Does anyone know where I can get one that's larger than the standard size? Not Tall, but wrap around....
  15. Deven

    Healthy Aperture (site for foodees AND Gamers!) My brain sort of melted when I saw this website. Aperture is a fictional lab in the Half-Life world. It's also where Portal and Portal 2 take place. I would think this site unrelated if the logo they use wasn't the same as the Aperture logo in the game. Edit...
  16. Deven

    Extreme Couponing?

    I was watching the Extreme Couponing show, and I keep thinking of doing it. Does anyone have any experience? What is everyone else's thoughts on an extreme couponer? I saw one extreme couponer that kept her snacks/soda/candy behind a LOCKED door because the stockpile was worth so much. Thoughts?
  17. Deven

    Can this hurt my future?

    Against the advice of my mother, I joined the GLBTA and I started counseling at the youth center. My mother knows I am bi, but she just stated that she was concerned because she was afraid that it would show up in my college transcripts and hurt my future by preventing my from getting jobs. Am...
  18. Deven

    Hundreds of gay and lesbian couples wed in NY More in the link, but I'm crying for joy for these people. First New York... then the rest of the country!!! I'm so glad they haven't stopped the...
  19. Deven

    Fringe, anyone?

    I am completely. addicted. to. Fringe. I love that everything is "backed by science." At least, in Universe science. I love Walter, and I want to kick Peter in the head. And I want him to stay FAR away from Olivia. Wishful thinking, I know... And until I get more responses, I'll refrain...
  20. Deven

    Lunar Eclipse on Monday, 12/20/2010

    Here is the link from Discover Magazine Will anyone else be watching, weather permitting? I can't recall ever seeing a Lunar Eclipse before.