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    Roger and I got 1st round of vaccine today

    Was incredibly easy and quick. In 3 weeks, we get booster 2.
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    Made appointment for vax!

    President Biden opened the ability to get vaxxed to all adults. Roger and I will get it soon.
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    What kind of car do you drive?

    I have a Prius I bought when I moved here 10 years ago. Roger drives a quad cab Ram.
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    Any "Top Chef" fans

    Watching a challenge centered around African diaspora cuisine. The type of food I've come to love over the years.
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    Birth Control

    For the ladies here, what's your method of birth control? Even though my periods haven't started back up, I went to Dr. Donovan today to have my diaphragm adjusted.
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    How modest are you around your kids? Are you modeling body positivity?

    Keith is only 3 months old, so OBVIOUSLY he has no concept of other people. But Roger and I agree we plan to raise him to be open and proud of his body. That people come in ALL shapes and sizes, and colors and differences. The biggest lesson we will impart is that we ALL deserve love and...
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    1st few days working again

    It's been going pretty well. Haven't done any seminars yet, so that's gonna be interesting. But it's been easy juggling paperwork and researching with nursing. I've been babywearing, which has made it MUCH easier!
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    My maternity leave ending soon

    My maternity leave ends 2 weeks from today. Hopefully it's a smooth transition.
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    Went to Dr. Donovan yesterday for a checkup

    She told me my body is ready to resume "fun exercise". Roger and I celebrated by "working out" last night.
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    Hit my 1st anniversary recently

    I forgot to mark my official anniversary, but last week I hit 1 Year on Dims.
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    Was logged out

    Came here following link in email. Was logged out!? Reset password, but was weird to be logged out.
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    How would you describe the Dimer above to someone IRL

    If you had to describe the poster above to someone who knows NOTHING about Dims, what would you say?
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    Since my milk has come in in earnest, needed to get new bras

    Went to get resized. I'm now a 48 FFF! It's bittersweet: that size is HARD to find, but it means I'm doing GREAT job producing milk for Keith.
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    Did practice Zoom call, went great

    I was feeling up to a Zoom call with a coworker, so I'd be accustomed to them come March. It was fun, and she told me the folds in my shirt weren't very noticeable when I was nursing during the call.
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    Spring semester started yesterday

    I'm still on maternity leave, but Roger had his first class yesterday. It was weird how quiet the house mostly was.
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    Are you a morning or evening pooper?

    Are you someone who gets up ready to go or does your body wait all day to get full? Has it changed as you've gotten older and heavier? I'm usually a morning pooper.
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    Ladies: flats or heels?

    Do you usually wear flats or heels? I'm NOT a fan of heels. I feel unstable on heels, so I stick with flats.
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    We had our well-baby visit today

    Dr. Donovan told me Keith is doing great. He's down to 7-7, but that's to be expected. Nursing going great, and he's doing great job keeping me busy changing him.
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    I should be able to get COVID vaccine

    Once it's available to staff, according to a Google search, it's not incompatible with breastfeeding AFAAK.
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    We're home!

    We got discharged this afternoon. We're home resting comfortably.