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  1. Brenda


    I am a recent transplant to the midwest and as such can no longer go bare legged when wearing skirts. I need to find some thick, durable tights that fit. I am fat and quite tall so that makes for an extra challenge. The ones I have currently were bought from LB but I need to wear spanx with...
  2. Brenda

    I remember you..

    This weekend my husband and I tried a new restaurant and the owner and several of the employees recognized me from a large event I recently attended. My exchange with these people was extremely brief and over 500 people were in attendance. I know they remembered me because of how fat and maybe...
  3. Brenda


    I am considering making a trifle for Christmas. Any tried and true recipes? Thanks Brenda
  4. Brenda

    Brining a turkey

    For Christmas I am serving turkey and I have decided to try brining. Any tips? Brenda
  5. Brenda

    Where to order Christmas food gifts

    I want to send some yummy but not outrageously priced food gifts for Christmas. Any suggestions on where to order from? Not wanting to do the steak thing btw Brenda
  6. Brenda

    Quality hose

    I need to find some good quality hose. I very rarely wear them so have no clue where to find them. Years ago I used to buy them from August Max and while they were a bit pricey the quality was worth it. I want something that looks nice, does not droop or look cheap. Thanks for any advice...
  7. Brenda

    Informal sleeved wedding dress

    I am getting married in April and am having trouble finding an informal dress with sleeves. Would love any suggestions. Thanks! Brenda
  8. Brenda

    Wide shoes

    I wear a size 12w shoe and am having a very difficult time finding shoes for work. Any suggestions on decent quality shoes that can be worn all day and still look somewhat stylish? Brenda
  9. Brenda

    Professional wardrobe necessities

    Seems like I may soon be employed after a long time working for myself. SO what to wear? I am an accountant so I need to go conservative and I am really not looking to spend too much. I would like to purchase the least amount of higher quality pieces I would need. Any thoughts? Places to...
  10. Brenda

    black cocktail dress picture

    Thanks again for all your input on the dress. Here is a picture of me in it! Brenda
  11. Brenda

    black cocktail dress

    I am in the seeming impossible search for black cocktail dress with sleeves (long, short or somewhere in the middle) in a size 22. What I want is a simple elegant dress that is not short, sleeveless, made of cheap material or that remotely resembles clubwear. I am willing to spend up to $300...