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    New Mall Weight Gain Comic

    Hello all. I hope you're all well. I've put together a sketch comic sequence with the talented artist Volkenfox. You can find out more about it on my Deviant Art page, along with more of my stories. Thanks. Jake (JMJ) jake27 User Profile | DeviantArt * “This mall is too empty for me to...
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    BBW Fat Shaming Gone Awry (BBW, XWG, Reality Change)

    Hey all. This is a story that was on my paid site awhile back that I thought I'd upload here. If you want more of these, check out my Deviant Art page for more info. Thanks. Fat Shaming Gone Awry By Jake (JMJ) and ST “I mean, I know I wouldn’t be caught dead outside in anything other...
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    Bored to Tears….In Your Uniform (BBW, XWG, Magic)

    Hey all. Hope you're all ok. Just posting this story that was on my Deviant Art page a few months ago. Feel free to check out my page for more stories. jake27 User Profile | DeviantArt Hope you enjoy. Jake (JMJ) Bored to Tears….In Your Uniform By Jake (JMJ) “And that’s pretty much the...
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    BOTH Getting Reacquainted for the Holidays (BBW, BHM, XWG, USBBW, USBHM)

    Hey everyone. Happy Holidays. This is a story I did last year that I thought I'd share with you all. Hope you enjoy. Getting Reacquainted for the Holidays By Jake (JMJ) and ST “Alright, beers are in the fridge and I’m finally warm after that trip outside.” Cory Rossi closed the fridge door...
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    BOTH Rising to the Top (BBW, BHM, XWG, Sex, Feeding, Magic)

    Hey everyone. This is another story that was posted on my Patreon Page. For more of these, they're on my Deviant Art page. Enjoy. Rising to the Top By Jake (JMJ) and ST “Another day, another failed ad, huh Rick?” Edward Gand reclined in his chair and threw his hands back over his head. The...
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    BOTH This Isn't High School Anymore (BHM, BBW, XWG)

    Hey all. I posted this story on Patreon a while ago so I figured I'd share it now on Dimensions. It's basically my tribute to Wilson Barber's Dee's Husband and other works. It's more male focused than most of my other works. Hope you all enjoy it. This Isn’t High School Anymore By Jake (JMJ)...
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    Writing Becomes Reality (Illustrated)

    Hey all. A while ago I had the talented artist G0D07 illustrate one of my stories. I figured I'd share the sequence along with snippets from the story. I'm linking mine and his deviant art pages as well if you want to see more. I'll post all six parts once they come out. Here are the first...
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    BOTH Running Into Trouble (BBW, BHM, Slob, Nerd, XWG)

    Hey all. This is just a story I made for Halloween. Just an FYI, The Return is being edited as we speak. Please follow me on Deviant Art to stay updated on everything. Thanks. jake27 User Profile | DeviantArt Running Into Trouble Jake (JMJ) and ST “Keep up, Gina!” Kyle Macintosh ran...
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    BOTH Make A Wish (BBW, BHM, XWG)

    Make a Wish By Jake (JMJ) and ST “Come on Mark, one more rep! Push!” The obese man grunted and huffed with all his might, straining to get the barbell back towards the bar. Behind the bench, a svelte redhead had her hands at her sides, refusing to help the man as he struggled with the 185...
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    BOTH The Bridesmaid (BBW, BHM, WG, XWG)

    So I messed up and forgot my password so I'm locked out of my old account. I'll be posting from time to time under this name. Anyway, this is a story from my patreon page that I thought I'd share. Please feel free to check out that page as I post almost exclusively there. Thanks...