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    Is anyone else rebounding?

    No, not from a relationship. :p This kind of rebounding: I got mine a couple of weeks ago and am really liking it so far. Probably my favorite thing about it is its...
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    Review your cruelty-free, natural/organic beauty products!

    A few months ago I turned 40, and with that event two things happened simultaneously: 1). my complexion went haywire, and 2). I became inexplicably convinced that everything in the world and perhaps beyond is conspiring to give me cancer. Yes, I have become one of Those People. :\ As such, I...
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    Tresemme Naturals?

    Just wondering if anyone has tried the new Tresemme Naturals line? They're being advertised as not entirely sulfate-free, but lower in sulfates than their regular products, but the 2nd and 3rd ingredients listed for them are both sulfates, so.... I dunno. Has anyone given them a whirl yet?
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    Etsy Addicts (EA) represent!

    Are you an Etsy addict? I am, big time. I love buying things that are unique and not mass produced, I love supporting individual artists over big manufacturers, I love the element of recycling/upcycling items that's frequently involved, I love that it is a very fat friendly site, in that I've...
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    The Chef Call-In Show: chefs-to-be ask your questions

    I fully admit this thread is completely self-serving, as I'm currently learning to cook (beyond the very basic stuff I know how to do) and have lots of questions as I learn. :happy: So the rules are, ask your questions here, and anyone who knows the answer (actual "chef" credentials not...
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    My Super-Sized Recovery or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Pool

    Let me first say that this is not meant to be a cautionary tale, but instead, a hopeful one, particularly for anyone reading this who is struggling with size-related mobility issues. Some of you already know this story and have heard me yammer on about how much I love my pool workouts ad...
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    Curly hair products recommendations?

    Hey, curly-haired girls! What products do you all use after washing your hair to keep it moisturized, frizz-free, and to define and hold your curls? I've been using a Freeman product for a while, and it's okay, but not remarkable, and I'm about to run out, so I figured maybe I'd branch out. I...
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    Massage therapy

    Yesterday I went to see a massage therapist for the first time, and the experience was very interesting and rewarding. I was referred to her by one of my former physical therapists, because while my litany of physical issues (old lower back injury, arthritic knees, tight calves, few other...
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    "You kids get off of my lawn!"

    Cranky old geezers around the world felt a sense of affirmation on Thursday, as a couple was spied having sex on the queen's lawn. It's entirely possible that I'm just far too easily amused, but this story pretty much cracks me up.
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    eShakti - has anyone used their custom service?

    eShakti offers clothes in sizes up to 3x, but also will customize a garment's sizing to your specifications, so I assume that means they will go larger than that. I love their clothes and am happy to pay extra for the size customization, but not if they make the shoulders huge like a linebacker...
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    Love shoes? Got some time on your hands?

    Click here to watch them being ordered in real-time! Zappos, you so crazy. :smitten:
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    Scales (the weight kind, not the reptilian kind)?

    I need a scale, and yeesh, I'd really prefer not to spend hundreds of dollars on the effer. I've searched threads here and looked on Amazon and XLiving and Amplestuff, etc., and the only one that is reasonably priced and goes over 440 lbs. (must have) is this one: Does anyone have it? Is...
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    The One NON-DIMS RELATED Thing Annoying You Most Right Now Part Trois.

    Anyone making thinly veiled and/or passive aggressive comments about other Dims posters in this thread will be lined up by me and unceremoniously pantsed. I might even point at your underwear and laugh, if they're goofy. If they're not goofy, I will point and ask you where you got them...
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    Guess who *this* is.............

    Ugh, look at those ridiculous chubby, unlined, youthful cheeks. And hello...... the 1970s called, they want their dress pattern back! Oh, and nice Cheetohs residue on your arm, there, Pudge, that's class. :rolleyes: P.S. I was a pretty cute kid, huh? ;)
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    Attention dog lovers: a different kind of Valentine

    Hi, everyone. :) In addition to our much-loved "Cupid" event here at Dims, I wanted to invite you all to send a very different kind of Valentine, as well. There is a dog rescue organization called, "Dogs Deserve Better", and they're dedicated to helping dogs who live their lives...
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    What is wrong with teh internets??

    Why are we so grumpy and touchy (and not in the good way) lately? And it's not just here, it's like that on my other board, too. Oh noes, maybe it's me. :( Okay, I'm joking, but seriously, what's up? Why do people seem so eager for a fight these days? And just to clarify, I don't...
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    The Shark is Still Working.

    Is anyone else 1/2 as excited as I am about seeing this documentary? Any other "Jaws" geeks out there? It's only my favorite movie of all time. My ex-hubby and I actually met on account of it - we both used to frequent a "Movie Quote Trivia" chatroom on AOL, back in the day ("day" = when AOL...
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    Breakfast pastry: My lost Pop Tart?

    Seriously, which one of you hosers took it? I had one left, I know I did. :mad:
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    Big on Batik has Saucy Tops!

    If you're looking for a break from the famous smock tops, Big on Batik is once again offering their super-cute saucy top. Only in black and white, unfortunately, but still, they're great summer staples to have. They're made of the softest, lightest, coolest cotton jersey I've ever experienced...
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    Mods: re. the 18 and older thingy

    Hi, esteemed mod-type peoples. :) I was just checking into this (because I'm a big dumb dork), and actually don't see the over 18 message thing on the registration page. Here's what it says: ******************************** Forum Rules Registration to this forum is free! We do...