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  1. persimmon

    SMELLS! What do you like on yourselves or your BHM/FFA?

    I'm a girl and I use original scent Old Spice deodorant, and occasionally the aftershave, although not after shaving. I love the smell of the boy's head-grease. Sometimes I just stick my nose up in his hairline and snuffle like a doggie. Yay MHC differences!
  2. persimmon

    Do you have a job?

    I'm a pharmacist. That means I'm anal retentive about drugs all day. In my case I'm a retail pharmacist, so I deal with the public. On my crankier days I add things to the Retail Pharmacy FAQ.
  3. persimmon

    ladies... what ya think???

    Your girlfriend is a lucky girl, sir. Lookit them cute chunky thighs! Om nom nom nom nom!
  4. persimmon

    Pampering of the Bhm/ssbhm

    My guy's feet and legs get really sore, so when he needs some not-sexy loving, i'll massage those. He also likes his head and back scratched. When we're in the shower together I'll scrub down his back, back of the arms, and legs--stuff that's hard for him to reach because our shower is teh...
  5. persimmon

    All I do is Party

    Yes. Seattle. I'm here. Although I'm pretty boring. I do have a pretty fat boy in my house, though. p
  6. persimmon

    Gentlemen, Post An Awesome Pic Of Yourselves

    Late to the party, but I've got to agree--that's a great photo by any metric. The colour contrast of your complexion against the greenery, the textural contrast of your skin against the gravel; the way the line of your arms echoes the creek, the intense focus on your face. And then on top of...
  7. persimmon

    Fat guys eating!

    That combo of black shirt + electric blue is FANTASTIC with your colouring. Well-dressed big guy equals, I don't know, something good and related to sandwiches. p
  8. persimmon

    Dont take anyone for granted.

    Aw, rabbit. Lurves to you.
  9. persimmon

    The thread for random single confessions!

    I confess that most of my hobbies now involve yarn. My husband has issued a "no sheep" moratorium.
  10. persimmon

    famous BHM gushing: Greg Grunberg and John Flansburgh

    Oh my GAWD I haz a crush for Grunberg in my crowded little crushy heart. He's the reason I sat through the entire Alias series.
  11. persimmon

    StarScream and the Hospital

    I have to give another vote for compression socks, as someone who stands all day at work. They come in wicking versions, diabetic-friendly versions, lace-topped stocking versions...and while they're a pain to get on they keep that goddamn fluid from building up. Just, if you have existing...
  12. persimmon

    FFA's: could You See Yourself Dating a Skinny Man?

    I think thin guys can be sexy and good-looking, and I've dated a few in my time--hell, my TV crush is Spike from Buffy, and he's all about the angular--but they're sexy in a different, more generalised way for me than fat guys. p
  13. persimmon

    Would any of you Ladies date fat guys?

    Crap, I think I'm getting old. Kids these days, with their txtspk and lack of punctuation! Get off my lawn! p
  14. persimmon

    Yep, i've had enough...

    Dude, you should sell tickets to the laydeeez so we, er, they can perv on you while you're at it.
  15. persimmon

    living with your parents or parent

    I moved into dorms for college and then back to finish up my last couple years. The time apart really helped solidify our new relationships once I moved back. I enjoyed living with my parents as an adult and once they are advanced in years I hope they will be near enough I can keep a good watch...
  16. persimmon

    Do you ever feel broody?

    Oh...I also thought that meant broody like a hen. In which case, BAWK BAWK FRIGGIN' BAWK.
  17. persimmon

    Am I just a whiny little puss-bitch??

    /frivolous threadjack My husband never sends me Flying Ninja Monkeys!!!1 I'm gonna start hinting.
  18. persimmon

    FFAs: what are the intangible attractions of BHMs?

    It's nice having a partner who can empathize with you being insecure about, say, your appearance. The fat guys I've been with have understood. And I, conversely, know that I can't fix it all by saying "but _I_ think you're hot!" Is heat intangible? I like having a furnace boy for my cold feets...
  19. persimmon

    FFA's: Do weight numbers catch you attention?

    I guess I'm a numbers queen? I like knowing weights, clothing sizes, multiples of me, etc. It's certainly not a substitute for sensory stimuli or a cute face, but I do enjoy it. p