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  1. bellyboy

    Lois Griffin is official FFA.

    Have you seen the family episode "Go Stewie Go!"? At the end of it Peter asks lois why she loves him. She replies "Maybe I like fat guys, maybe I like having sex with fat guys, maybe I want to have sex with a fat guy right now." Just confirming what we all suspected.
  2. bellyboy

    Some new pics better angles and such.

    I'm up to 255 now, but fatter than I was the last time I was there.
  3. bellyboy

    Fat percentage?

    What fat percentage do you consider on the definitely fat side? For me it's 35
  4. bellyboy

    Hitting the breaking point.

    I'm at the weight that seems to just hold. And it's the biggest I've ever been. It's kind of nerve racking going that little bit further, cause I know I'm at that point that you start really showing that your a fat person. Any advice or encouragement? Words of wisdom?
  5. bellyboy

    How'd you gain?

    I've been into weight gain is as long as I can remember. Though it didn't happen till I was 20, then I gained 35 pounds in a couple years, ending up at 215. I stayed that weight for another couple years, then gained another 30 more. That was the highest I've ever weighed, 245. Then I dropped...
  6. bellyboy

    When do people stop commenting?

    On your weight gain? Or does it just get more extreme? What I mean you find that at a certain point it's easier to gain weight without as much hassle from you peers? Once you've lost your form more or less and have all the traits?
  7. bellyboy

    Do long term friends forget?

    That you may have once been thin? Do you ever have a long term friend say something like "Oh used to be thin."?
  8. bellyboy

    Regaining weight...

    So here's a brief history of myself and weight gain, and then the question. So I've gone from real thin 160 age 18 to 220 age 22, then from there with in a year or so from 23 to 24 I went to 245. That was my fattest. I was actually really enjoying it, but then I moved and lost 35 pounds. How...
  9. bellyboy

    Fat musicians...?

    Is it much more difficult to make a living as a fat musician? What's your take. If my life long goal is to be a musician, but my second goal is to be rather fat, what do I do. I've been having this dilemma for quite a while now.
  10. bellyboy

    Before and After Morph

    From 210 to 245...
  11. bellyboy

    What do you think the weight difference is?

    Just wondering how far I've got to go.
  12. bellyboy

    Is bmi an indicator of features?

    Say 2 guys are different heights but the same bmi and build, neither of them are athletes or body builders. Will they have similar builds? Will they look about the same in fatness?
  13. bellyboy

    Right of passage

    What would you guys say is the right of passage for a skinny guy trying to become a bhm? I was thinking a size 40 pants...just cause most stores don't carry that size and up.
  14. bellyboy

    Fat arms?

    Are fat arms on of the big indicators that your getting fat? Cause mine are really getting big as of recently.
  15. bellyboy

    Not involved enough...

    Do you ever feel you don't do enough for the fat community. I've been visiting here regularly for a long time now, and still don't think I do enough to promote fat pride. I've only really gained 60 pounds since I really started going at it. I was 180 back when I was 20 now I'm 240. I want to be...
  16. bellyboy

    FFA's: Do weight numbers catch you attention?

    When you hear that a guys like 300 pounds does it turn your head? Do you start to show interest. I mean whatever situation... at work, with you friends. If someone talks about some guy and how fat he is, does it make you excited?
  17. bellyboy

    Anyone been with dimensions for 10+ years? What has Dims done for you?

    Since I was very small I remember being into weight gain. I can't explain it. I remember looking all over the place online as a kid trying to find others like myself. I've been coming here since I was 14, back when I was 160 pounds. There was a ton of threads I had posted until they erased...
  18. bellyboy

    Lame video, but I'm working on it.

    My picture camera broke, so now I'm stuck with my flip. currently 250 pounds.
  19. bellyboy

    BHM Inevitability...

    So I've wanted to be fat for as long as I can remember. One of my first memories was wishing over and over to be fat when I was 6. Unfortunately I didn't have the balls growing up to go for it. I was always somewhat the alpha male in my social circles and it would have really sucked. But now in...
  20. bellyboy

    Once fat...

    Doesn't it seem like once you've gotten fat you have that "fat" person with you forever. Even if you lose the weight the fat you is always trying to come out. And you'll always know what it was like to be fat.