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  1. Lady Bella UK

    A happy message for me fellow FFAs

    What a lovely happy story, wishing you every happiness xxxxx :kiss2:
  2. Lady Bella UK

    Secret Fantasies (also, an intro question)

    Oh, I remember this Mary... it's been wonderful re-reading it :kiss2: B xx
  3. Lady Bella UK

    Down with the sickness

  4. Lady Bella UK

    Down with the sickness

    Re-reading this thread has just made my day. Cos I'll never walk alone ever again, there are many of us........:kiss2:
  5. Lady Bella UK

    Down with the sickness

    Everytime I think I'm getting over it, or have got over it... I never do and I think I never ever will. I've accepted recently that I will never have a long-term (or even short term!) partner because of this, but I'm okay. I've just been drawn that way for a reason, I guess. Its something I...
  6. Lady Bella UK

    The Music Thread Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun. Awesome song but creepy video....
  7. Lady Bella UK

    The Music Thread

    Oh this is good....thanks hunny (I'm on the look out for some new louder sounds in my life!) "You must spread some reputation around before given it to Melian again" Bella :kiss2:
  8. Lady Bella UK

    The person above me game

    ^ Is going to settle the matter once and for all... a Vox ac30 is a type of amp. And I have lady parts ;) > Has an inspiration to play her guitar today V Will inspire me to write a song of my own
  9. Lady Bella UK

    The Music Thread

    Oh yes... quality stuff my good fellow! I saw them play at Manchester Central in Dec 2009 - epic. I'm sad they've seemed to have fallen under the radar of late, at one point I really thought they were going to grab the void left by the demise of Oasis. Bella :kiss2:
  10. Lady Bella UK


    May he rest in peace, what sad news and a tragic end. Bella
  11. Lady Bella UK

    Button Popping

    Would make me feel incredibly, incredibly erotic...;) Bella :kiss2:
  12. Lady Bella UK

    The Music Thread

    If you like grunge - try the new Yuck album! Its the grunge revival wait! Come back! It really is good! B :kiss2:
  13. Lady Bella UK

    The Music Thread

    "You must spread some reputation around before giving it to Ninja Glutton again". Doh!
  14. Lady Bella UK

    The Music Thread

    I'm loving your music taste Mistah Bob. I have always prefered Northen Soul to Urban Hymns, but classic album nonetheless. Forth was tripe though, absolute tripe... I am now going to put Love is the Law on my stereo. Love and kisses, Bella xx :kiss2:
  15. Lady Bella UK

    The Music Thread

    Listening to: Yuck - Yuck Bon Iver - Bon Iver Low - C'mon The Doors - various albums Galaxie 500 I've heard a song from the new Red Hot Chilli Peppers album and oh dear oh dear...not good. Bella :kiss2:
  16. Lady Bella UK

    The person above me game

    ^ Will also read my half -finished novel in return (if I ever get it finished, that is!) > Has been stood up by a BHM date this weekend V Will say nice things about how I will meet the fat man of my dreams sooner rather than later
  17. Lady Bella UK

    Britain's fattest teenager regains 16st (224lbs) in 16 months... This is from today. I'm so worried for the poor girl and hope she finds the happiness from within and the support she needs to lose the weight. Bella :kiss2:
  18. Lady Bella UK

    Favorite BBW/BHM/SSBBW/SSBHM Film Moments

    I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With. For all Jeff Carlin fans and FFAs everywhere. The end will make your heart melt. I'm going to get me some of these movies in this here thread... Bella :kiss2:
  19. Lady Bella UK

    The Rabbit Update!

    I always love to read how you are doing... an inspiration to me, always. Much love to you, Bella :kiss2: xxx
  20. Lady Bella UK

    Does BHM porn interest FFA's?

    You already have one potential subscriber here Ninja :wubu: Bella :kiss2: