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  1. persimmon

    Al Freakin' Gore

    I totally don't understand this. I was in elementary school the first time Clinton was elected. Al Gore was a leaden robot-man source of humor. (Let's ignore the logistic difficulties involved in making a robot primarily out of lead, please.) And yet now I find him...kind of maturely hot? I am...
  2. persimmon

    only tangentially BHM-related

    But I was in an accident and broke my leg a week ago, right after we moved, and my chunky honey is taking very, very good care of me. Of course I am home during the day now, so I can cook for him more :D persimmon
  3. persimmon

    Kiyonna's ballet wrap (0x-5x)

    This thing. Love. The damn. Thing. It's soft, lightweight, girly without being frilly, and for polyester haters like me it's some sort of rayon. I am totally a Kiyonna whore now. persimmon
  4. persimmon


    I love my guy like crazy. But he SNORES. I already wear silicone-fill earplugs and while they often do the job, there are some nights where I trek out to couch because, unlike the bed, it's not rattling like a lawnmower. He's an allergic asthmatic, and Flonase (intranasal steroids), an air...
  5. persimmon

    What not to Wear for the fat guy

    My explanation of taking my chunky husband pants-shopping ended up sounding like Penthouse Forum for FFAs, so I'll skip that. I'm having a hell of a time finding "what looks good" guidelines for larger men. Short of the really general stuff like "wear vertical stripes and dark colours", a lot...
  6. persimmon


    Hiyo everyone-- A few of you may remember me from the previous incarnation of this board. I married my boyfriend, so I now have my very own chubby hubby. It's pretty darn awesome ;) persimmon