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  1. MaryElizabethAntoinette

    Halloween Photos!

    I just figured... it's near Halloween, some of us will be dressing up, and the amount of picture threads on this board hints at the fact that we all love pictures. So I'm gonna be the cool one and start the thread! Hah! :p Obviously I don't have any photos of my Halloween costume yet...
  2. MaryElizabethAntoinette

    FFA's: What's your ideal sized man?

    I'm sure this has been asked... but it's been a while and there are new people... so it might as well be asked again. What sized guy do you tend to find yourself gravitating towards? (no pun intended, haha.) I know that it all depends on the guy... and that body type greatly affects...
  3. MaryElizabethAntoinette

    Dog-On-Dog Reverse Spooning

    Sounds so dirty, doesn't it? Oh it is dirty. Very dirty. (What's great about this... is that it was the little dog that totally positioned herself there.)
  4. MaryElizabethAntoinette

    People's Creative Interpretation of Driving Laws - Illustrated through Satire

    I had to write a satirical paper for my Philosophy of Laughter, Humor, and Satire class and I decided to write it on how horrible Massachusetts drivers are. Of course, there are horrible drivers all over the place, regardless of what state or country. I just made my paper particularly about...
  5. MaryElizabethAntoinette

    Hardcore Puppy-Spooning!!

    Yeah... the thread title is inappropriate, but what else is there to describe these pictures of my 3 year old Pomeranian-Schnauzer mutt (the beige one) and the new, 10 week old Labrador/Border Collie (the black one) cuddling? Wow.... what a sentence, eh? They're some silly...
  6. MaryElizabethAntoinette

    Damn, looked like I missed a lot of drama.

    Lucky me, eh? But considering the ridiculousness of the boards lately, here's something completely unrelated!! I drove to Ohio over the weekend to pick up an abandoned puppy. 12 hours there... 10 hours back. Mmmm, 22 hours of driving within a period of 2 days. Here's something...
  7. MaryElizabethAntoinette

    Doggies make me happy. :)

    I just figured I'd throw that out there. Whenever I'm feeling miserable, all I have to do is watch my dogs for about 5 minutes, and it always cheers me up. Man's best friend. Damn straight.
  8. MaryElizabethAntoinette

    Question for the FFA's...

    So, I'm one of those FFA's who is extremely open about what I like. Everyone knows that I think fat men are beautiful; from my very close friends, to my parents, to my friend's friends and so on. Most of the time when someone finds out that I think fat is sexy, they basically tell me that...
  9. MaryElizabethAntoinette

    Picture Thread: Chris & Mary [SSBHM, FFA]

    I figure since everyone else is making "official" picture threads, Chris and I might as well created a separate thread for our pictures as well. And what a perfect time to do it; when we finally got around to taking more pictures! I'm gonna start it off with some of the pictures Chris and I...
  10. MaryElizabethAntoinette

    FFAs wearing their BHM's clothing!

    As suggested by LoveBHMS, and inspired by Rabbit's thread about BHM clothing us FFAs like to steal and wear. *giggle* So I'll start it off with a picture of me in one of my BHM's sweatshirt. xP I look like a doofus in this one. A doofus with red eye. But damn am I comfy! A puppy...
  11. MaryElizabethAntoinette

    [+]More Effin' Photos![+] <3

    *giggle* Chris & I finally took more pictures, Wantabelly & Mischel! Some of which were taken from similar angles to your pictures. If that makes any grammatical sense. But yeah, I think they are pretty nifty. *rolls eyes* My shorts say all that needs to be said...
  12. MaryElizabethAntoinette

    I got more artwork on my back!

    I couldn't help but share this, despite the fact that it's off topic. But gosh I love tattoos. <3 I'm getting this whole scene done on my back, and I just got the outline for the bottom half. It's a big work in progress, but it looks so cool already. I just had to post a picture of it.