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  1. Big Jefe

    Question for 30 something men

    Which incident came first? If the guy was just looking to hook up, made a move at the movies and got shut down... I wouldn't expect him to go in for a kiss goodnight after. It does sound pretty forward, certainly not my style, but sex on the first date isn't exactly unheard of in this day...
  2. Big Jefe

    What's pissing you off today?

    Chargers being up 24 - 0 at half time and losing 35 -24.
  3. Big Jefe

    Economy Cars

    I'm 6'8" and about 350 and drive an '06 Scion xB... it has plenty of room.
  4. Big Jefe

    the BIG Lebowski

    oh yeah... "The bums will always lose!"
  5. Big Jefe

    the BIG Lebowski

    Ahh finally Lebowski makes it here... I just watched IronMan last night and I was like "Dude is that Bridges?" and then I see him take a swig of scotch and he does it identical to the way The Dude sips on a Caucasian (aka White Russian to you non-achievers). I've probably seen TBL more...
  6. Big Jefe

    Curious, do the BHM usually prefer BBW or the slender ladies?

    I prefer BBW, but I like all attractive women.
  7. Big Jefe

    Belly Pix

    hey now...
  8. Big Jefe

    Are we allowed to cuss on the new boards?

    fuck ya! SO DONT ABUSE IT!
  9. Big Jefe

    The "What are you listening to" Thread

    I'm listeningwatching the Eagles vs Chiefs game. Eagles 37, Chiefs 31 1:24 4th
  10. Big Jefe


    BB - My Chargers rolled over the Pats! Wooo! Sorry to end your home winning steak, and even sorrier (sorryer?) to see Harrison out for the season. Jeff
  11. Big Jefe

    I'm getting a Motor Scooter :)

    Yes it is fun until your friends find out.... ... cause then they all will want to too.
  12. Big Jefe


    What's up... Just thought I'd start a thread. Jeff