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    Writers, what’s your day job?

    I’m mostly curious what my favorite authors do when they’re not on Dims, and whether they write in “real life”. I’m a copywriter for a popular retail company by day, but corporate sellout writing is hardly the same thing as what I post here. How about you all?
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    BHM tips for back pain?

    My husband’s put on a bit of weight over the past couple months, and has been dealing with back pain of late. He suspects it’s related to his new bigger body. I’m curious if any of the gentlemen here have had a similar problem, and how you were able to take care of it? Any kind of exercise...
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    BHM North Enders by Starling (BHM, WG)

    North Enders by Starling Author's Note: The first part of a long-ass story I've had kicking around for years now. "How's the coffee shop?" Luna asked, gesturing at what had once been an old house across the street. The interior, visible through large windows, looked bright and pretty...
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    One Door Closes

    [Author's Note] After a two or so year hiatus, I picked recreational writing back up again. I've missed it/you. One Door Closes Starling “What do you mean, you gave my room away?” Taylor rolled her eyes underneath her fake lashes. “I didn’t give it away, I told you. I even charged...
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    BHM Anna's Friend - by Starling (~BHM (Multiple), ~FFA (multiple), Romance)

    ~BHM (Multiple), ~FFA (multiple), Romance - A big college love story Anna's Friend by Starling Part One I met Anna in the first class I ever had in college. Somehow, as a freshman, I had managed to get into a senior-level history class, and I was scared half to death. It was one of...
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    Starling's Thread

    Moderator's note: This thread is dedicated to the fans of Starling. She has not yet designated any specific tales as representative of his work. The author's stories may be accessed by using the search function, keyword Starling. We recommend conducting author searches from the full library...
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    BHM Yes (Parts 1-7) - by Starling (BHM, Romance, SWG)

    ~BHM, Romance, SWG - Girl meets boy, now if he would just wake up and realize ... Yes By Starling Part One “Did you see those looks poor Patrick Rice was giving you last night?” Renae asked, looking over her shoulder. Chelsea sat on her bed, attempting some long-overdue...
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    Laurel (Parts 1-5)- by Starling (~BHM, Romance, ~SWG)

    ~BHM, Romance ---it’s the 21st Century and an FFA can be the aggressor to a shy fat guy if she wants Laurel By Starling - Part One The day was unusually hot and sticky for so early in the summer, the kind of day Chris hated more than anything. It was on days like this that people...