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    One Completely Random Sentence...

    Just to make a point what will happen if Alan dont pay his gamble debt,with the eye signal of his boos straining his gigantic unreal fat body layerss of fat lard and massive muscles completely tear a part ,like a newspaper his own suite with iron chains suspenders under the jacket, from the...
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    BHM Cover Your Assets

    Great story ,,where is it the rest ?
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    Story Ideas

    Or based on true story read all page
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    Story Ideas

    The intergalactic war finished by years ago..but the cruel stones planet for livfe not benevolent is still active,now more then ever ..the biggest intergalacttic kriminal groups and secret gouverment servise still using huge and only buildings for few reasons,hideing...
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    How do you like a man's belly?

    4,and 5 then 2 ,that will be my turn on
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    Looking for a old movie early 2000 late 1998 199 ,relased on tape video store

    Post by huttiheita » 2021-08-21 04:30:49 What i remember is next,plot is in 50 -this,young male teen,live with his naive religious mother,he was in love in one girl,after he visit a...
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    The BHM in Movies/TV series thread

    LOOKIN FOR AN OLD MOVIE THAT I GET FRO VIDEOSTORE,EARLY 2000,OR LATE 90 IS What i remember is next,plot is in 50 -this,young male teen,live with his naive religious mother,he was in love in one girl,after he visit a house party with students,his dream girl refuse him after kissing because he is...
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    Belly Sex?

    here some meat for belly fetish theme
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    SSBHM in literature recommendation

    Thx guys,,Yes for Harkonen i know,
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    SSBHM in literature recommendation

    From literature that you read i need recommendation for super fat male character, i im doing on fat fetish comic book.thx in advance
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    Types of belly fat

    What turn me on when is on my body is more soft the firm,but also both combined work soft squishy & firm,and the shape of belly i also important,too many factor plays,for answer this topic it wil be more in feeling experience
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    FAs, how do you feel about fat on a person of the gender you are NOT attracted to?

    I Im bi in fat fetish, i like man and woman,out from fat fetish i im straith woman only,This is so individual ,i discover in the age of 18 that i like fat man non just fat woman.
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    Looking for a squashing story,but bhm or ssbhm squashing male or female.

    Before was few blogs online with a lot of squashing stories,but they put them down
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    Fictional BHMs

    Paradise PD Dusty Marlow ,,mr from fist of the nord star,Fat man story from Kafka,Botch from Help!... It's the Hair Bear Bunch! ect..
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    Non Weight Gain Erotica

    All links that you post are dead.
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    The wrong type of 'fat'?

    I love you kiss and hugs,,,
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    Looking for a non gain story story

    I find out that in general almost everywhere gain story are so boring,except some artist that are realy creative and beside gain they have a story who is creative and hot.So im searching any good story without gain. Already very fat charachters,..
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    Fictional BHMs
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    None BHM crushes?

    Karola & Kati