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    Buy Looking for old Dimensions back issues!

    I'm looking for a specific story. The author is Margaret O'HARA. "Body Building': Fat by choice." Thanks.
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    What famous woman would you want to fatten?

    How HOT would this lady be at 250?
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    I LOVE being a feedee!

    That post was awesome. There are so few fat women who adore burying us smaller guys. Trust that the feeling of being buried in your body makes your boyfriend wild. He is one very lucky Dude!
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    Personal Ads

    There is an excellent FREE SSBBW site called SUPERDATE. You can go to the links page from Dimensions Home page, open the Miscellaneous link and it's there.
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    Question to ladies about pierced belly buttons

    Most FA's appreciate a round belly, and when a lady gets a seductive piercing I find it very hot. GREAT photo, THANKS!
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    Fat rolls vs. big belly

    I must say that many FA's crave the sight of a full, round belly. Thin women can have other features, but NEVER anything as sensual as a big belly!
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    FEEDEE contra FEEDER

    I think the "appeal" of feederism works both ways. I love to pamper and spoil a big lady with seductive meals.....but also find the idea of being stuffed powerful. I think it works both ways for most of us. FAT is what makes it erotic.
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    Woo College? (photos)

    Hi... Very impressive. It's been far too long since my college days, but your "development" is very hot. Thanks!
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    New Here...Am I even "fat?"

    Welcome.... While you don't have the girth of some of your larger sisters in here, you are still very tempting. I confess you'd look nice and plump (your goal?) with about another 20 lbs.....keep us posted, and eat up!
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    Hanging or round.

    I confess I crave a Very round belly. If anyone has seen Belly Girl, then you see what I love. VERT round, protruding and begging to be rubbed!
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    All the beautiful fat is rubbing off on me

    Very impressive change. I also detect a warm smile. I love a lady who knows she is attractive. Keep posting!
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    FFA and their activities with BHM?

    Hi... Just wanted to say that I have had ONE experience with a lady who was willing to "create" her own BHM, and it was incredible. Women are naturally more nurturing, and having her feed me was very sensual. Alas, these ladies are rare. To those of you who are lucky enough to be with one...
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    Weight Differentials

    My last girlfriend is a SSBBW and is 285 lbs heavier than I am. I loved the contrast.:eat2:
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    How many BBw's here like skinny guys?

    Hi... There are very FEW ladies I have met, and I have dated BBW's/SSBBW's since 1998 exclusively, who crave the size difference. I wish there were more, I have a 28" waist and dated a 350 lb. lady who actually LOVED the size difference. But she is RARE!
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    Curious, do the BHM usually prefer BBW or the slender ladies?

    I like your attitude. FAT is very attractive, and this forum provides a spot for us. I live in So Cal, let's get FAT!!