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    BHM Expectations

    Great continuation!!!
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    Changes to the Library Boards

    Please opt me in. Thanks!
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    Louie Anderson - RIP

    Fantastic stand up and talk show guest. He was amazing as Christine Baskets in “Baskets”. RIP Louie
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    Weight and measurements

    233 and beautiful! 😉
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    BHM Expectations

    Great start! Looking forward to more!!
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    BBW The Fat Wife- by Polarisdreamer (BBW, STUFFING, Slice of Life)

    Great Story!! Keep it going. Mutual weight gain is fun!!!
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    Stuck Pinups

    Love it!!!
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    Pet names?

    She is my marshmallow and I am her bear. We also enjoy Tubs, Fatty, Chubby Hubby, Jigglypuff, weighty wife, Chubby Man Treat. I’m 6’0 239 and she’s 5’10 255. Lots of quality fat on fat and we both love the other’s body!!!
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    BHM Matt Gets Fat (~BHM, ~XWG)

    Great story so far!! Well done!!!
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    BBW Early Risers -- (One Shot, BBW, WLW)

    Niiiiiiiice!!!!! Keep it going.
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    BOTH Vignettes from a fat world - BBW (mult.), BHM (mult.), WG

    I'm a big fan of this piece. Very fun.
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    Where is Ni-Ki Gainer?

    Gaining Niki on Brand new site. It looks great!!!!
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    BHM The Apprentice (young BHM, crafty older FFA, WG)

    Off to a great start as usual. I prefer your stories where the FFA gains some weight as well. Keep up the great work!!!
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    BOTH The Biographer - ~BBW, ~BHM, ~~WG

    Another great story!!! You are so talented!!!
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    BOTH Christmas at his mum (BBW, BHM, SWG, Christmas)

    As usual, another fantastic story!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New stories in 2014!!!
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    Ashley and Stephanie (~BBW ~Lesbian self-discovery ~SWG ~feederism

    Keep it going. I like the characters an look forward to where this is heading. Great start!!!
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    Parisian Epiphany (~BBW, ~~WG, Romance)

    More please!!!!! I love your stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    OMG the weight I've gained!! Free video :)

    My how you have grown! How much weight have you gained. I know you are not a gainer, but it sure seems like you are! :)