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    Looking Lonely

    That is, lonely.
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    Busted through plateau

    Gallons of ice cream.
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    Looking Lonely

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    SSBBW & Summer (Realities)

    It's 98 in Chicago at 4:45pm.
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    SSBBW & Summer (Realities)

    This heat IS something else. This is also my first fat summer -- I gained 40 pounds since New Years Day.
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    At what point were you comfortable

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    Oh, I didn't mention that she was the age of my sons. Thus, I didn't pursue. But -- did I just dream that happened or did that play that way??
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    Sooooo, I went out padded a couple of nights two weeks ago to an old haunt on the north side. First night was a slow one. I was fairly invisible and I didn't recognize a soul. A drunk dude kept on wanting to engage me on the subject of punk rock. After two beers I got bored and left. Second...
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    gaining the Covid 19

    I very recently reconnected with two ex-girlfriends. Just checking in and getting updated on what's going with their lives. Laura, who's now married, has become quite a roly-poly and has taken to making her own formless clothing -- think art school mumus. She confided that she was quite...
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    Looking Seeking a long term companion

    Hi, Slim.
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    Unintentionally hot comments

    Early New Year's Eve I visited a long-time friend of mine to drop off a check for her non-profit arts organization and to chat for a wee while out on her porch. While discussing the various ongoing ramifications and fatigue from the pandemic, she offers up how she can't stop gaining weight from...
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    Yeah, it "diverged" -- even got sorta "post-padding", if you will. No big deal, although I find padding to be an end in of itself. While I certainly did enjoy padding even while I was heavier (2 years ago I was 203 pounds and tettered between "overweight" and obese according to the BMI charts)...
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    So, after years of fantasizing about wearing a Santa suit, I finally went ahead and bought one this week off of Craigslist. Of course, this year/season is the most unusual/depressed Christmas holiday season ever to be wearing the big red suit. I certainly can't go pub crawling during a pandemic...
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    Yes, very familiar. I started at about 4 or 5. Forced feeding and weight gain scenarios from cartoons and television fueled my early imagination. In these nascent fantasies, I would be a girl who is fattened against her will. I am certain that my first organisms were a product of padding...
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    On one of these outings, Julia and I ran into an old mutual acquaintance, Linda, an artist who I use to know socially back in the mid 90s but hadn't seen since for probably 5-10 years. She used to flirt with me way back then, though she was involved with a friend of mine at that time. On this...
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    Intentional or accidental?

    Without question, the "oops!" gain on a woman can be erotically-charged.
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    "Anyways, its always a real turn-on to play out this role, and I wish I could track down some other old girlfriends." -- me from 2010. Fast forward a couple of years (2012), and I had actually gained around 30 lbs., enough to give me just the slightest suggestion of jowls. I didn't exactly...
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    Thoughts on padding

    Looks "theatrical."