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  1. Ffancy


    I was wondering how knights in full armor got around if the weight limits for riding without injuring the horse are so low, but of course the answer is draft horses for riding were way more common when armor was a thing.
  2. Ffancy

    BHM Two Desserts (BHM, ~WG)

    My phone dings again. Three words. “You were right.” I frown at the screen and type, “I was right about what?” “Me. What I wanted. I’ve gained 14 pounds on purpose and it feels incredible.” “Wait. Is this Taliesin Jones?” Suddenly the phone begins to play a cheerful tune, and I stare at it...
  3. Ffancy

    BHM Two Desserts (BHM, ~WG)

    And not just gone from my bed. Gone from the hotel. He doesn’t turn up for the last few interviews. I have to do them myself. He eventually does answer my frantic texts with a curt note saying that he’s fine, that he had to leave unexpectedly and I should finish up the project alone. Taliesin is...
  4. Ffancy

    BHM Two Desserts (BHM, ~WG)

    I wish I could say I fed Tal while we had scorching sex all night long. But that’s not what happened. Oh it’s what I wanted to happen- it’s what I tried to make happen- but after eating a big plate of pasta, Tal grew pantingly, uncomfortably nauseous. “I think I’m going to be sick,” he whined...
  5. Ffancy

    BHM Two Desserts (BHM, ~WG)

    It is a sacrament of sugar as I slowly feed him every piece of fudge in the bag. He has his eyes closed and he is breathing heavily. I can hear him panting. I am breathing hard, too. This might be the hottest thing that has ever happened to me. Tal opens his eyes, pale green and glowing as he...
  6. Ffancy

    BHM Two Desserts (BHM, ~WG)

    I draw my hand back as if scalded. “Oh, I’m so sorry!” I can feel the blood rushing to my cheeks, suffusing my skin with pink blushes of embarrassment. “I, uh, I have to go!” I stand up. Tal is looking at me with an odd expression in his face. I don’t have time to interpret it. I have to flee...
  7. Ffancy

    Curvage for FFA?

    Ditto with BHM/Gainer/Feedee Tumblr 😭😭
  8. Ffancy

    BHM A Cry for Help

    Morning His mouth felt like it was stuffed full of cotton wool. His eyes opened on an unfamiliar ceiling. Where- “Morning, sleepyhead,” sang Mara’s voice. “Lucky for you it’s a snow day. Ice storm came up last night.” She loomed into view over him, looking cute in an oversized purple...
  9. Ffancy

    BHM A Cry for Help

    “I need help Agricola and Vine” is all that Jonathan’s text read, but that was enough to get me to put on my snow boots and my winter coat and head out to scrape off the car. There was just something off about those six words, sent to me at 11:24 pm on a quiet Tuesday night, that made me believe...
  10. Ffancy

    Curvage for FFA?

    Look up r/bhmgonewild, r/chubbydudes and r/ssbhm on Reddit for many, many pictures of men at various levels of fatness. edited: men, not me lol
  11. Ffancy

    BHM Styles

    Layers are your friend. Throw a bomber jacket or a blazer over that t-shirt and jeans to class it up a bit. Try a button down shirt, tucked or untucked, no tie, under a cardigan or a vest. Try bold patterns or colours. Every fat guy should own at least one Hawaiian shirt and a pair of suspenders...
  12. Ffancy

    SSBHM challenges

    I’d recommend trying chair yoga. This gentle exercise is done seated. You can find various chair yoga routines on YouTube, he could start with a ten minute one and work up. Also, maybe look for arm-focused routines? Chloe Ting has a ten minute arm workout that uses just body weight. If he isn’t...
  13. Ffancy

    BHM Two Desserts (BHM, ~WG)

    Poor Laura and Tal here are finally making progress! We’ve diverged significantly from reality, since we are of course still in lockdown and certainly not visiting a lot of elderly people. But there are still little bits of reality mixed in. Dear readers, I leave it to you to judge what has...
  14. Ffancy

    BHM Two Desserts (BHM, ~WG)

    Part Six This sets the pattern for the whole project: everyone offers us tea, which means tea and baked goods. We stop somewhere for lunch. Tal doesn’t hold back his appetite, and I’m afraid I encourage him. I can’t help it. It’s so easy to tip him over the edge into taking one more cookie...
  15. Ffancy

    BHM At Last (~bhm, ~femdom)

    Inside, we are briefly shy again. His dark hair, rather long, flops over his brow like a 90s heartthrob. He sits on the couch and I perch on his knees, straddling him. We kiss urgently, hands wandering over each other’s clothed bodies. Eventually I slide a hand under his untucked shirt until I...
  16. Ffancy

    BHM At Last (~bhm, ~femdom)

    At Last by Ffancy I walk into the pizza place precisely at noon but he’s already there. I can see the back of his head at a table on the far side of the room. He is looking at his phone. I wonder if he’s wondering if I’m going to be late? A bright blue mask covers his mouth. So cautious. The...
  17. Ffancy

    FFAs, are you into seeing a normal sized man ballooning up?

    A guy has to have at least enough softness to tell me he likes indulging himself to catch my eye. Skinny but with a soft little belly is big enough for me to pay attention, although bigger is good too.
  18. Ffancy

    What kind of HS extracurricular activities did you do?

    I didn’t go in for school-based activities but I was *very* involved in my local 4-H club. The projects I did were: - Dairy calf - Sheep - Woodworking - Outdoorsman - Photography - Public Speaking - Floriculture - Veterinary Science - Orienteering (competed in the provincial championships...
  19. Ffancy

    What was the craziest thing you experienced in 2020?

    The craziest thing for me (so far, 2020 could still have some tricks up its sleeve) has been somehow, while in lockdown, turning a casual acquaintance into a dear friend. It’s too soon to say he’s my soulmate but we’ve come to know and trust each other deeply, our passions and our missions...
  20. Ffancy

    You know you are an FFa when.......?

    When like your men like you like your perogies: soft, doughy and completely stuffed