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  1. Coop

    Spouce/Lover Mirrioring Weight Stories

    I'm looking for a particular type of story. To be more specific a story where there is a couple where the man is huge & the woman is skinny. However the woman begins to gain weight and becomes almost as big or just as big as the man. The only one I can thick of at the top of my head is Man...
  2. Coop

    A story I am thinking of working on.

    Before I start, let me just say that this may never see the light of day. It is just an idea I am thinking of and looking into. Maybe if I don't, perhaps someone else could take the mantle. The premise is this. A young woman, probably 19-20, lives with her mother. The mother's friend is...
  3. Coop

    Looking for a story by Big Chris

    This story used to be on Geocites, but as it shut down, the story dissapeared. It was called "Heavy Honeymoon Heaven". If anyone saved this gem, it would be awesome. Additionly, there was a slighty different version of "More 2 love More 2 Gain" on the same site as well. (The differences...
  4. Coop

    Looking for another piece of art.

    I remember seeing it on Altafat before it went down. It was a pic of a big woman at either a doctor's office or hospital. He was shirtless, but her back was facing us. She had black hair and a huge ass. I think she was also smoking. There was also a nurse who was doing something and made...
  5. Coop

    Revenge Backfiring stories.

    I know there are many stories out there that deal with revenge WG and the like. But are there any revenge WG when the victim actually loves the gain without any mind altering or anything? Basically what I'm saying is that the victim does gain the weight but instead of hating it she loves...
  6. Coop

    Looking for a little gem

    I'm looking for an episode of tiny toons called "Viewer mail day" which one of the cartoons in it is called "Buttering up the Buttfields". As the title suggested it's about a bottom heavy couple. Anyone know where it could be found?
  7. Coop

    The Bottomswells: Night at the Buffet - (Both, Food, SWG)

    SSBBW, SSBHM, Extreme Eating, ~SWG - The 1st of 3 stories about a massively obese couple and their positive outlook on life. The Bottomswells: Night at the buffet By Coop Not much goes on at the Grand Central Buffet. People come in to eat, then pay and leave. It's usually never crowded but...
  8. Coop

    The Amazons of Balloona Island - by Coop (SSBBW(multiple), Eating, ~Sex, ~XWG)

    SSBBW(multiple), Eating, ~Sex, ~XWG - A shipwrecked man finds paradise on an island The Amazons of Balloona Island by Coop (For illustration click here) I'm not sure how it happened, or why it happened to me, but I can tell you that I'm glad it did. It all started at least a year and...
  9. Coop

    Looking for some art.

    I've been looking for the longest time for a drawing done by Ued-Guy. The drawing is of a huge pear shaped girl in a diner ordering 2 hotdogs and sodas and we get a view of her huge clothed butt. It's really really hard to fine. I also looked for it on his site but it gives me a bad...
  10. Coop

    Coop's Thread

    Moderator's note: This thread is dedicated to the fans of Coop who has not yet designated any specific stories as representative of his work: The author's stories may be accessed by using the search function, keyword Coop. We recommend conducting author searches from the full library bar...
  11. Coop

    Yoshi's Island Commercial

    This is for the FFA's and BHM's out there... I found this video of a commercial for Yoshi's Island of a guy eating tons of food and getting fatter and fatter until he unfortunatly explodes. The quality ain't that good and wasn't a woman. Anways enjoy....I guess...
  12. Coop

    Megas XLR: Just Eat it.

    I wasn't sure if this should go here or in general weight board but anywho. I think this movie speaks for itself.
  13. Coop

    The Other Side - by Coop (~BBW, Eating, ~XWG)

    ~BBW, Eating, ~XWG - A woman discovers the joy and beauty of having a large backside. The Other Side by Coop Joanne works at a large computer firm in the city. Her job is to keep track of reports and information that the company holds. She tends to keep to herself when working...
  14. Coop

    Earthworm Jim: Fatomic Ray Gun

    Here is another Youtube finding. It's where Professor Monkey-For-A-Head uses a fattening gun on Jim...but it gets everyone else but Jim.
  15. Coop

    Megas XLR

    If you would take a look at my avatar on the left you would notice that it's an avatar of Coop. One of the main characters on the show. He is a BHM who likes to eat alot of food. The show itself is very funny and you can watch episodes on Youtube...
  16. Coop

    Story preference.

    What kind of story prefence do you perfer when reading a story? In other words *And to put it quite bluntly* What type of stories arouse you more? I think stories in first person narriative in which the person gaining weight tells the story. For some reason just hearing a woman explain how...
  17. Coop

    Megas XLR's Coop.

    Does anyone watch this show? The main character is Coop and he's a big guy. He is awesome. The show is funny, the caracters are great the action is awesome and just everything about this show is great. Here are some picks of Coop if anyone is interested.