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    Once in a lifetime meals

    Internally reminiscing about possibly the greatest (and by that i mean largest) meal I've ever had. For my wife's birthday a few years ago I made reservations at a Brazilian steakhouse. A very fancy all-you-can-eat restaurant in metro Detroit that serves a huge variety of meats and other...
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    Unintentionally hot comments

    The wife has unintentionally gained some quarantine weight (yay!). She knows I love her body and had no problem with the 20 (-ish) pounds she put on being stuck at home, but she's not really a fan. When she brings it up I cant help but get a little turned on though. She says things like: "I can...
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    New Member

    Hey everyone. New member making my first post here about my FA tendencies in my life so far. i hope this is the right place to discuss origin story kinda stuff. Ever since i was a kid I've been fascinated by fat bellies. I have some memories of padding when I was about 7 or 8, and remember how...