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    BBW Planet XXL - by Marlow

    Yay!! Io coming in clutch! I wonder what could so historical significant about the ship? I guess time will tell. Also I wonder if they will get lucky and find a tailor.
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    BBW Planet XXL - by Marlow

    Great chapter! Again, idk why but so far Io is my favorite. Also I feel like a giant hungry ship would be very handy against a fleet of enemy vessels.
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    BBW Planet XXL - by Marlow

    Will we see more IO action? I feel like she is going to swoop in and take out the assassin on the brink of disaster.
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    BBW Planet XXL - by Marlow

    Nice chapter!! Also I had a sneaking suspicion Io would do something like that.
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    BBW Planet XXL - by Marlow

    Dodging armies and possibly pirates on a stolen private cruise ship loaded with food while traveling through dangerous territory. Sounds like the start of a great adventure and awesome shenanigans.
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    The Fantasy Archive has moved!

    Hi can I opt into the special interests as well?
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    BBW Lady Luck - by Marlow

    Marlow, you write some of the best stories on this site and this is no exception. I am pretty curious where this will go.