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    More Fierceness on Bravo 3/20

    It seems the lovely Christian is making an appearance on Make me a supermodel/I want to be the next supermodel (something along those lines) tonight. Just wanted to share with those that may be suffering from PR withdrawal. Ps. Anyone else watch Tim Gunn fix up the Biggest Loser participants?
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    Advice for First time Homebuyers?

    I really, really, really want my own home. I've signed up for the homebuyer classes, I'm trying to find any and all first timer grants that I may be able to get, and I'm really trying not to jump into more than I can handle, but like I said, I really want my own place. So do you have any...
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    Show Your Closet

    Soooo, as i was salivating at all the yummies in everyone's refrigerator, i realized how absolutely fascinating it is to see everybody's stuff, so let me see all those clothes in your closet :D :: goes to snap pics of my closet::
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    Fish and Chips Suggestions?

    I'm absolutely craving a nice fish and chips, and I figured learning how to make a good one myself would definately be cheaper than catching a plane to England, but I have not a clue how to do it really really well. I've heard that cod is usually the fish of choice, but thats about it. Any...
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    5 for $25 panties at LB

    Just wanted to inform all the lovely ladies here that LB is now offering all their cotton panties, except boy shorts, perfectly priced 5 for 25, no expiration, its here to stay!!!!! yay, run to LB for all the pretty valentine's panties :bounce:
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    Auctions on Ebay :)

    Come check out some of my things I've listed on ebay right here