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  1. ataraxia

    If you're feeling HORRIBLE today...

    ...then it's probably not you. Today is "Blue Monday", the most depressing day of the year. Apparently, the combination of boring January, dark days and winter weather (for us Northerners), length of time since Christmas, leftover Christmas debts, and a feeling that you need to "take action"...
  2. ataraxia

    Sighting of sorts

    Yesterday, I saw parked at the bottom of the hill where I live, a "Monster Truck" type vehicle. It had two gigantic mudflaps... Upon the left one was printed CHUBBY, and on the right one, CHASER. (Willow Ave in Castle Shannon, for you fellow Pittsburghers.) This was a much more enjoyable...
  3. ataraxia

    Funny made-up words

    This is another game I saw long ago on another forum. Make up a word, or even a phrase. (Nothing so long as a whole sentence, though). Post it. Explain/define it only if it makes it funnier. If your post is too short, fill it with whatever you want. I'll go first: squashbuckler
  4. ataraxia

    Funny typos and slips of the tongue

    Ok, here is a thread to post any funny language-mistakes you make, so we can all laugh at them. sunandshadow typed "buttoms" instead of "bottoms". Gets funnier the longer you think about it. Next she wrote "butting" instead of "putting". (Butts on the brain...) I found a hole in a pizza...
  5. ataraxia

    Attn: Pittsburghers

    I recently discovered a really fine restaurant to the south of Pittsburgh - Auggie's Roadhouse, on Rt 19. If you live around here you ought to try it. The portions are so large I can make another meal out of the leftovers from one of their dinners. It's cheap, too. Odd-looking place -...
  6. ataraxia

    Any Norwegians here?

    I have a CD that is all in some really old Norwegian, including the titles. I couldn't find an online translator for this stuff that actually worked, so... Would anyone like to tell me what the titles mean? (Coolness points if you happen to know the CD, but that's beside the point. ) I...
  7. ataraxia

    What restaurants are near you?

    Ok, so I keep seeing threads here about food places I've never been to or at least don't have around here. Like Sonic and Tim Horton's. So what good places do you have where you are that aren't everywhere? I've got stuff like: Eat'n'Park Mad Mex Qdoba Five Guys Primanti Bros Max &...
  8. ataraxia

    I made a neat thing! (totally OT)

    I was goofing off on my computer and I discovered a fractal by accident! If any math / programming nerds want to see the actual code, ask me and I'll post it - it's very short. But for general entertainment, here's the image itself:
  9. ataraxia

    Forum Game: Slap it or Save it!

    I have fond memories of this game from another place I used to post, and I thought I'd introduce it here. (Props here go to "Agent Compassion" from that board.) Basically, you read the last post in the thread, which will have something in the form of "Next poster does/likes/has/etc ..." If...
  10. ataraxia

    Funny Comic

  11. ataraxia

    Danger, Will Robinson!

    Now that I have your attention, I'll tell you that the danger is because this post contains politics. When I posted my long essay which talked about Discordia, I was very surprised at the amount and nature of the response I got. I had always thought of this community as a rather conservative...
  12. ataraxia

    Ataraxia's Philosophy Corner #2: Ontological Fatness

    Author's note: This would have been better, and probably longer, but I'm still sick. If only you could blow your ear like you can blow your nose. Since last week's entry was such a success, I figured I'd just keep going ("...let's keep this going in sight, never an ending, we don't ever want...
  13. ataraxia

    Fun Link

    Remember those gag cards that kids used to have, that said "How to keep an idiot busy for a half an hour (Flip card over)", on BOTH sides? I've discovered an internet version of this: Click here
  14. ataraxia

    Pic-fixing tips

    I see a lot of requests for help with shrinking pics and other such things. I occasionally throw a hint in there but of course, not everybody sees it. So I figured I'd start a new thread here for it. Mods, if this comes out as useful as I hope it does, could one of you "sticky" it? There is a...
  15. ataraxia

    Ataraxia's Philosophy Corner

    Ok, I've lurked on the old board since about 2000, saying very little. And now, with the new board, I've started to post, but generally, it's just been banter, side topics, meta-topics, and the occasional appreciative paysite-board response. Lest I be relegated to the "nice but useless" category...
  16. ataraxia

    We sure have a lot of members!

    With the new software you can tell just how many posters / regulars we really have. As of now we have 743! On one of my other boards it took 3 years to get that high. I always knew there were lots of people here, but now we can prove it. If you go to the bottom of the main page you can see...