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  1. Checksum Panic


    Hmmmm well any of us here on the DIM boards whom have the inclination to throw practicality to the wind, can do so....IN SPACE! Check it! They call this new currency "QUID" *rolls eyes* yes it's already a term for money in the U.K. but...
  2. Checksum Panic

    Happy New Years Dims Peoples!

    Hello all you fantastic and Beautiful Dimensions members, I’m simply wish the lot of you a Fantastic New Year’s Eve!! (yeah I'm jumping the gun on this by damn near 24 hours) Whether your night be filled with indulgence and excess or a relaxing night with close loved ones, all the best to you...
  3. Checksum Panic

    I mades another Film

    So here's the most recent film I've done for Toronto Film Challenge ______________________________________________________________ The Ballad of Bobby the Bib ______________________________________________________________ This time...
  4. Checksum Panic

    Short Horror Film I did - Toronto Film Challenge

    Subject 11 The above link is a video I did with some friends for the Toronto Film Challenge. I just thought I'd share it, it's just a goofy, pseudo horror short. As part of the challenge we had a certain criteria to fulfill; Mandatory Props: Latex Gloves, Fake Poison Mandatory...
  5. Checksum Panic

    Having a bad week, post something funny plz!

    I have had some bad stuff go down this week, I could use a good laugh. Maybe it sounds weird, but post something funny for me, and it'll make a big difference :) Thanks
  6. Checksum Panic

    This band makes me crazy happy

    I was in a fuckin godawful mood today and I stumbled across this band... Ellie come home. So good, kinda like Arcade Fire, but a garage band. This cheered me right the hell up, plus the cello and violin players are two pretty, slightly chubby girls(but more importantly they are VERY adept...
  7. Checksum Panic

    A Valentine for the entire Dim board!

    Happy Valentines day all you beautiful peoples, thats right ALL OF YOU! Bahaha :)
  8. Checksum Panic

    What was the first album you fell in love with?

    As Far back as you can remember, name the first album that truly stirred something inside of you, the first album you had to listen to over and over? For myself, it was The Smashing Pumpkins: Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. I must have been around 12 or 13 when I picked it up. It...
  9. Checksum Panic

    Any vegetarians?

    Just curious if anyone on the boards is vegetarian or even vegan. I've been vegetarian for just over a year now and I'm interested in hearing some thoughts on the lifestyle. :)
  10. Checksum Panic

    Great band with cute lead singer, check it out!

    I thought I'd mention this band, they're very funky and one my new favs, plus the lead singer is so cute, plus her voice blows me away!;) They're called The Gossip. I highly reccomend them! She's so hot :)
  11. Checksum Panic

    De-Lurking and say hey!

    Hey! My name is Kevin, and I finally got the balls to introduce myself. I kinda stumbled on this board by accident but I'm glad I did. Obviously I dig the cute curvy girls, and I'm glad a board like this is around, its good to see a community like this! Looking forward to geeting to know some...