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  1. Leesa

    Has the baking begun?

    Save me some! :eat2:
  2. Leesa


    Already friends. :) Now, lets eat!
  3. Leesa

    Farewell AJ Confessore

    Angie, AJ and me! <3
  4. Leesa

    Farewell AJ Confessore

    You made NJ a wonderful place to visit. I will never forget your unconditional love for the fatties! <3 Thank you, Anthony John!
  5. Leesa

    restaurants for big people

    Yesterday, a friend and I went to dinner before heading home from a nice, long weekend. The hostess brought me to the most convient spot she could find (gotta fill em up, while the back of the restaurant is empty!) I looked at her with a "my four year old nephew would be squashed in here" look...
  6. Leesa

    The daily excercise report thread!!

    Stationary bike weights
  7. Leesa

    Information please

    Thanks Vickie. The prescription is not for the stockings I would get measured for, just the ready to wear kind. I will talk to my Primary Care Doctor and see if she can help me.
  8. Leesa

    Information please

    I went to the DR today and found out I have Venous Insuffiency. He gave me a scrip for compression stockings. Sadly, my diagnosis is not covered by my insurance and the stockings are $85! Any ideas? I saw the stockings on EBay for $12-25. Are they the same stockings I would get at the medical...
  9. Leesa

    The daily excercise report thread!!

    Water aerobics for 45 minutes. :happy:
  10. Leesa

    What are you happy about today?

    I can not wait to see my fatties tonight!! :D
  11. Leesa

    Lack of BBW Haircut/Hairstyle books at salons

    Oh God, NO. It is just my preference for hairstyles on women (no matter her size).
  12. Leesa

    Lack of BBW Haircut/Hairstyle books at salons

    Cut that shit! Long scraggily hair went out in the 70's. (If you live in the sticks, disregard this message. :p )
  13. Leesa

    The daily excercise report thread!!

    One hour of water pilates. :bow: OH my poor ABS! :eek:
  14. Leesa

    The "I LOVE LillyBBBW" Appreciation Thread

    Thanks SO much! It was indeed a pleasure meeting you. :)
  15. Leesa

    Happy Birthday Leesa!

    Thanks for the lovely birthday wishes from Dims! :D It is so nice to be remembered on my special day.
  16. Leesa

    Can the SSBBW's over 45 please stand up

    46 year old SSBBW
  17. Leesa

    Something Positive to say about the community

    :bow: I love you and hope all the best for you in all things. Life is full of contrasts and sometimes storms mean that flowers will be blooming soon. Your garden is going to be the best one on the block!!! :bow:
  18. Leesa

    Why Can't You Men Communicate? I Mean Really Let Me Hear Your Excuses

    This happens because men like this are rude and disrespectful. Obviously, their Mommas thought they walked on water and pooped ice cream! MAN up, fellas!
  19. Leesa

    Black People on dims?

    <---BLACK Irish and Lithuanian!
  20. Leesa


    Thanks! Tell her to visit. :bow: