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  1. Leesa

    Information please

    I went to the DR today and found out I have Venous Insuffiency. He gave me a scrip for compression stockings. Sadly, my diagnosis is not covered by my insurance and the stockings are $85! Any ideas? I saw the stockings on EBay for $12-25. Are they the same stockings I would get at the medical...
  2. Leesa

    Calling in sick?

    When do you call in sick? What does it take for you to miss work? Fever? Headache? Ambulance?
  3. Leesa

    I have had a sad day.

    :( I am so discouraged! ANOTHER parent I work with got murdered this weekend. When will this stop? I know, I know, BUT I must get this off my chest.:doh: God help her little children!
  4. Leesa

    Happy Easter! Peep! Peep! My favorite is Mardi Gras. :D
  5. Leesa


    I just wanted to remind you it is OFFICIALLY apple picking season in New England! That first juicy CRUNCH will remind you why you drove 2 hours into the boonies for fruit. Get your apples early, before they run out. You will be glad you did. Appleesa
  6. Leesa

    Bicycle for BBW?

    I would like to buy a bike to take rides down to the local beach. Does anyone know of a bike that could handle over 350#?
  7. Leesa


    I have a lovely picnic basket and a Yankee Swap to attend. What should I fill it with? Festive holiday things or sweet and yummy things or lots of wine? Any suggestions will really help me decide.