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    Thinness Glorification

    After yet another very upsetting fat-shaming incident :mad:, I decided to write something about it: I'd love to know if you have more points, or you find thing incorrect from your experiences. Cheers!
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    Online fat shaming survey

    Researching fat shaming and behavior of overweight individuals in social networks. Please take part if you feel like it :) Thank you!
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    Size friendly recommendations

    Qritty's mission is to gather relevant and up to date recommendations about size friendly products, workplaces, fun activities, health facilities, services and accommodations. Found a beauty salon suitable for people of size? Can you recommend a water park? A size friendly doctor or...
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    Up to date list of plus size clothing sites Including collection of plus size fashion videos, blogs, international size chart and coupons.
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    website/app to help obese

    If there is one website or a mobile app that does not exist but would be helpful for overweight/obese people, what would it be?
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    Foodees and Feedees

    Something that I've been wondering about: Generally speaking, why in your opinion foodees are bigger than feedees?