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  1. BouncingBoy


    The original Muppet Movie!
  2. BouncingBoy

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Why do I suddenly feel like singing about a train?.....nyuknyuknyuk
  3. BouncingBoy

    Meat Loaf - RIP

    I created this in his honor when I found out he'd died
  4. BouncingBoy

    Squeezablysoft's Sweetly Spicy and Scrumptiously Saucy She Shed

    Sympathies from the nest
  5. BouncingBoy

    We're ENGAGED!

    Not really sure where to put this but I thought I'd make an announcement for those here who know me.On Nov. 5th,I got down on 1 knee & did something I thought I'd NEVER do again.I proposed to my lovely lady & she said YES!We're hoping to have a private ceremony on the anniversary of the day we...
  6. BouncingBoy

    Belly library (men/women)

    This is a comparison pic between when I moved to Texas & now.You can definitely see my Lady takes good care of
  7. BouncingBoy

    In Rememberance

    I've noticed several of the folks who have passed on have their profile marked In Remembrance under their profile pic.I think it would be nice if 1 of the Mods would go thru this thread & update those who have past & mark them the same.Thank you for whoever does this.
  8. BouncingBoy

    There are benefits to membership!

    I've been a member for a looooooooooooooooooong time.I left for a while because of personal matters & when I returned I'd forgot my login so had to start anew.I know this site was 1 of the very 1st I joined & have enjoyed it all these years.I pop in & out reading stories,looking at pics & other...
  9. BouncingBoy

    Dad Bods!

    How's this for a Dad Bod......Same shirt as in my profile....I know my Lady loves it.....:)
  10. BouncingBoy

    Name a new Rock Band ;-)

    Naked Tacos
  11. BouncingBoy

    What Are You Listening To? Redux

    I've been listening to a lot of Monkees music on the new Monkee Mania Radio on 365Live.They play all kinds of cuts from the Monkees as a group,individual,Covers of their music & artists with some kind of connection to the group in some way.
  12. BouncingBoy

    Fat Wrestlers

    She is currently in the WWE as Eva Marie's lacky,Doudrop
  13. BouncingBoy

    Fat Wrestlers

    Found this lovely lady in a clip from AAA in Mexico.Her name is Big Mami!She has held the Mixed Tag Team Title with Nino Hamberguesa.Here real name is Alejandra Montes Luna.She's listed at 5'3",#238.
  14. BouncingBoy

    Music:Monkee-ing around

    Don't know if there are any Monkees fans on here but I just finished reading a very good book about them.It's actually the 2nd book of 2.The title is A Little Bit Me,A Little Bit You 2 The Monkees from International Fans Perspectives.The 1st book is A Little Bit Me,a Little Bit You The Monkees...
  15. BouncingBoy

    In Rememberance

    It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of Chocolate Desire(Renee Biran).She was in intensive care unresponsive & died in her sleep,yesterday 5/13/21.She was a beautiful lady inside & out.I got to know her online around 15 yrs. ago.She was a devout Steelers fan,even though she...
  16. BouncingBoy

    Name a Song From the Last Letter - Part 5!

    Yesterday-The Beatles
  17. BouncingBoy

    Dr.s, Nurses and stupid people in general.

    Any time I see a new Dr. or nurse & they start to bring up my weight I cut them off right there!I tell them I've been big all my life & it's my business.It has basically NOTHING to do with why I'm seeing them.A doctor I know very well put me on BP meds as a precaution because it runs in my...
  18. BouncingBoy

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Congrats on the new arrival.Mama & baby look beautiful!
  19. BouncingBoy

    Fat sexuality

    I try to find beauty in all but my preference is definitely toward the larger ladies.HOWEVER.....The ONLY way I would call a woman a bitch is if I happen to know her & she has a major negative attitude.I have been known to call some
  20. BouncingBoy

    Happy New Year 2021!!

    Happy New Year to ALL my Dims Family.May the new year bring you all the good things you truly deserve & if a little bad creeps in along the way may it help you deal with it in a truly helpful manner!