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  1. moore2me

    Houston Flooding/Dimmers Role Call?

    I have been glued to my TV yesterday and today watching the flooding from hurricane Harvey. I know that Traci lives in the danger zone. Could the people who are affected by this disaster check in and let us know how you R? :eek:
  2. moore2me

    I found her !!!!

    Hi Guys - Violet inspired me to come back. I will tell my story shorrly. I need to rest awhile before the sun comes up. My handlers are watching me . . . Moore2me M2M
  3. moore2me

    Do you order groceries?

    I have read that some of DIMMERS who do not have a car or are homebound order their groceries delivered. I made a little discovery this weekend that may help with ice cream. During Thanksgiving and Christmas, in my retail store dairy cooler, I find quarts or half gallons of liquid custard...
  4. moore2me

    Fat Bashing Statistics - This Time WHO

    Fat to blame for half a million cancers a year: WHO Reuters By Kate Kelland3 hrs ago Some half a million cases of cancer a year are due to people being overweight or obese, and the problem is particularly acute in North America, the World Health Organization's cancer research agency said...
  5. moore2me

    Thank you to Conrad for his work & time?

    DIMMERS, I would like to write a personal note of appreciation to Conrad for all the work he has done for Fat Acceptance and keeping this website & forums going. (This would be similar to a retirement thanks someone gets when they leave to enjoy the rest of their life with their family and...
  6. moore2me

    Get Into A Wound Center

    Wound Centers are fairly new departments hospitals have created. As usual, I was skeptical of new enterprises of the healthcare system, but this one is good, necessary and may save lives, our mobility, our legs, and our self image. I was sent to my local wound center by my dermatologist...
  7. moore2me

    DIMS Baby Shower for CAMellie

    CAMellie, member of DIMs for over seven years is due to have a baby boy the last week of September. We are very proud of CAMellie and glad to see that her soon to be little boy Gabriel is a healthy fetus growing inside mom (now at a little over 6 months). CAMellie (AKA Melanie) and hubby...
  8. moore2me

    What I Learned From Barbara Walters Retirement Shows

    At my home we were fascinated by watching the history of television interviews shown during Barbara Walters retirement specials. I learned a lot about people she interviewed . Most of these the celebrity admitted it in person. One fact that blew my mind was to hear Sean Connery say that in...
  9. moore2me

    Happy Cinco De Mayo

    Wishing everyone in DIMMERLAND a Happy Cinco de Mayo in honor of our Mexican and Spanish friends. Here are some pictures to get you in the mood.
  10. moore2me

    Roll Call - Huge Tornado Swipes South

    Last night, I was up all night as tornadoes pillaged Arkansas & other southern states. I found out this morning, It passed within about 20 miles of our house. Scary because the tornado was about 1/2 mile to a mile wide during its travel and was "bouncing" or warbling to and fro. As usual, I was...
  11. moore2me

    Happy Birthday Casting Pearls

    Happy Birthday Ms Elaine, I hope you have a fun birthday on this glorious spring day. Have some special time with your friends in your beautiful new digs. You've come a long way baby. Your friend, M2M I thought this picture would go with the polar bear on your blog.
  12. moore2me

    She's Too Fat To Work Here!

    She's too fat to work here! What floored me when I heard this was the words came from my bedridden mom. I was trying to hire a replacement sitter to be part of mom's 24 hr healthcare team. Due to personal health issues, I hired the woman (call her "T") over the phone. "T" was very friendly...
  13. moore2me

    A Vaccine To Prevent MS !!!

    On the national news last night, they announced researchers have hit on a vaccine that seems to prevent MS (multiple sclerosis) in a large percentage of people getting the injection. 1) The miracle is it a one time shot that may transfer a lifetime immunity. 2) The shot is already in use...
  14. moore2me

    Bread And Milk Emergency Def-con

    There's a nasty storm headed our way in the south. The authorities are predicting we will be covered in ice for a week and will probably lose power during most of that time. Sounds like a fun time. Pray for those of us locked in with our housemates during this extended time with no power, no TV...
  15. moore2me

    Patterns at Wal-Mart up to 6X

    While browsing online the other night, I noticed that WalMart now has women's dress, pants, blouses, and other clothes in sizes up to 6X. The some patterns are Butterick, McCalls. and generic. I have always had to enlarge my patterns myself and often the results are not optimum. It will be...
  16. moore2me

    Cyclone Bearing Down on Indian - Very Bad

    I know this is a Forum for fat people and their buddies to share problems, interests, and info. I also don't imagine we have a big audience in Coastal India in places like Bangladesh. Nevertheless, every time I hear this weather report and watch the updates, I get sick thinking about what is...
  17. moore2me

    Oxy Elite Pro Is Dangerous - Beware!

    Oxy Elite Pro has been sold as a nutritional supplement and a diet aid in health food stores and gyms for years. The product has gotten mixed results from consumers, but because it was not a drug it never had to be tested according to rules set by the FDA (Food and Drug Association). Now the...
  18. moore2me

    Redneck Ingenuity

    The youngman built a full size swimming pool out of round hay bales and visqueen. Cheap. Neat. Impress your kids and your girlfiriend.
  19. moore2me

    A Pitch For Scientology?

    I am posting this to make DIMMERS aware of the likely connection between a previous recommended website and the practice of scientology. The danger of following these recommendations (tied in pretty packaging with no mention of scientology) is that they tell people to stop taking their...
  20. moore2me

    I need help with passwords

    It sounds strange to put this under the Health Forum, but I am having a lot of problems with computer passwords. Most of the problems can be attributed to vision, coordination, and font size. Let me explain. . . . Most weeks, I usually get locked out of at least one of my accounts. I try very...