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    Name a new Rock Band ;-)

    Here's a fun project. Name a new rock band using the color of you shirt and the last thing you ate. Mine would be Beige Bacon!
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    B&W photo of 4 BBWs around a car

    I think we all have seen this photo, from long ago: . What is the story behind it? And who is that lady with the long dark hair in the middle? I always loved her.
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    Classic pianist Khatia Buniatishvili

    Anyone come across this lady on YouTube? Gal hails from the Republic of Georgia, very talented, beautiful and expressive when she performs!
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    Hill Street Blues: Who was that Black BBW in almost every episode?

    She never had any speaking lines, never had any fellow cast member address her by name or even talk to her. She was never listed in the credits. But I saw her in almost every episode, in roll call, in the precinct, and you couldn't help but notice her. Any idea her name...
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    Online automatic "Blind Idiot" translators?

    I remember years ago there being an online automatic translator, that would translate whole webpages from English to , say Chinese, and then back to English, resulting in "Blind Idiot" translations! (The name comes from the attempt to translate the expression "Out of sight/Out of mind", and it...
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    Can one use your computer to finalize a DVD-R?

    My Magnavox DVD recorder broke down and wouldn't even turn on, so I took it into a repair shop. Verdict: Impossible. Only option: Junk it. In it's wake, I have a dozen or so DVD-Rs in a bizarre twilight stage where they have hours of recorded programs on them, but I can't even see what's on them...
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    Tiffany Cushinberry on YouTube.

    I've been watching her series of posts on YouTube where she talks about her mission to lose weight, and about her pain and unhappiness as a 450 lb woman. We've seen one-time models do a volte-face before, but this is definitely a first!
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    What was Jesus?

    The author makes an interesting case, especially relevant on Easter.
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    Can one caption musical symbols onto photos (files)?

    I usually use to caption photos like this one, makes for fun greetings cards, etc. Does anyone know of a similar website that enables one to place musical notes onto photos? Doesn't have to be elaborate, just a handful would be good. Thanks in advance.
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    Online "Blind Idiot" translations?

    I remember a few years ago someone using an online 'double-translation' service, that translated something from English to Language X, and then back to English, with humorous results (The reference to "Blind Idiot" comes from the earliest attempt:"Out of sight/ out of mind" translates into...
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    Charles Manson Dead!

    Good riddance!
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    Geek support needed: Converting Soundcloud or Clypit clips into computor files.

    I have been converting several (over 100!) of a friends MP3 files into clips using Clypit (similar to Soundcloud, but with fewer restrictions) for friends to view on Facebook. I download a file, and put it's URL ( on Facebook, and friends get to hear them. Some...
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    Video: "Benefits of dating fat chicks"

    The gal Trisha Paytas, is humorous, as is her vid here.
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    Patty Sanchez, drops 200+ pounds and gets rid of feeder boyfriend.

    Now she's joined Donna Simpson and Monique SSBBW in getting out a relationship where he just wanted her to eat and gain weight, regardless of how it was effecting her.
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    Current heaviest SSBBWs with their own paysites?

    I remember this question being asked on a thread years ago, thought I'd ask it again, as since then, many of the models had retired, some had unfortunately passed away, and many new ones have come up since. Who are the heaviest with their own paysites currently?
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    Geekhelp needed: Putting audio files onto Facebook

    Is there a way to upload audio files onto Facebook? I tried uploading a friend's MP3 files, and it said "Format not supported" (because it wasn't a videofile). Is there a way to put up a photo, dub an audiofile over it, to turn both into an MPEG/WVN/AVI file, etc.?
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    Online file converters?

    For YouTube segments, I've been using,, and YouTube Downloader, to convert various files into something I can then burn onto disc for my library. This one however, I've had no luck with: , it reads as "File not...
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    Geek help needed downloading YouTube

    Until recently, I was able to download YouTube segments by right-clicking on the upper right corner, and 'Save target as...'. Can't do it no more. Any suggestions?
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    Cannot delete MP4 files

    I have several MP4 video files in my computor, that whenever I try to delete them, I get a notice pop up: "Cannot delete file: Acess is denied. Make sure the disc is not full or write-protected and that the files is not currently in use". What disc, these are downloaded files. This happens even...
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    Anyone plan on celebrating Bobby Burns Day?

    On January 25th, it will be Robert Burns Day, a Scottish Holiday. Seeing as it is so close to the Chinese New Year, I say we combine the two, and celebrate it with some Sweet 'n Sour Haggis! Scotland! If you got the guts, we have the Haggis! Come on, don't be sheepish!