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  1. DeniseW

    Dimjensions magazines for sale

    I have around 50 or more Dimensions magazines dating back to when it was still called the FA-Sig all the way unti 1996. I'd prefer to sell them as a lot but will sell individually if needed. Best offer, message me for more info. They are all in perfect condition
  2. DeniseW

    Anyone found any new wide calf boots?

    I've been on a hunt forever and just wondered if there was anything new out there for a big legged girl like me...:)
  3. DeniseW

    Looking for a denim jacket

    Anyone have one that they love, I've been jonesing for a cool jean jacket for a while now....I want the kind that goes to the waist.
  4. DeniseW

    Recommend your nice comfy t-shirts

    Now that the batwings on my arms have finally disgusted me to no end, I don't think I'll be doing tank tops much longer and will probably just wear t-shirts all summer. I want soft comfy t-shirts that won't make me sweat. Got any suggestions?
  5. DeniseW

    Anyone have to eat low sodium?

    I had a health issue a week and a half ago and now my Dr wants me to eat low sodium for a while. Does anyone have any good tips? I've eaten all different kinds of ways but this seems to be the hardest for me, I love stuff like green olives, etc... and almost everything I have(including my damn...
  6. DeniseW

    RIP Andrew Koenig

    He played Boner on "Growing Pains" and his father was on Star Trek. He obviously was tortured in some way as he took his own life, his body was found in Stanley Park in Vancouver CN. Sad ending....
  7. DeniseW

    Happy Birthday Leesa!!!

    Hope it's a great one Denise and Butch
  8. DeniseW

    Plus Size leg warmers?

    Anyone know where they sell them? I looked at past threads but didn't see any having to do with this topic.
  9. DeniseW

    Happy Birthday Theatrmuse/Kara!!!!

    Hope it's a great one
  10. DeniseW

    Okabashi sandals

    I bought a pair of these today at CVS because they were on sale but I'm ordering another pair in black off of their website. They are very fat friendly sandals and they just look really good on my fat feet....:). They have great arch support and I love the way they feel. They are on sale right...
  11. DeniseW

    Anyone ever have a brachioplasty(arm lift)?

    Or know someone who has? How did it work out? I'm thinking of having one next spring but I'm nervous.
  12. DeniseW

    Please recommend your curling iron

    and where to buy it if you don't mind
  13. DeniseW

    The Strapper

    I saw this product on a local TV show today, it's a device you can use to hold your bra straps in place and also to make your bra straps into a halter if you're wearing a halter top. It looked really easy to use and I just ordered the 3 pack of black, white and peach. You can go to their site...
  14. DeniseW

    Anyone want a $40.00 Ashley Stewart GC cheap?

    There isn't much there that fits me but maybe some of you smaller bbw's shop there? I'll take best offer.
  15. DeniseW

    Anyone ever have a CT Scan?

    I have to have one tomorrow and I'm nervous. I've been having continuous bad headaches for over a week now and they suggested I get one. I'm nervous
  16. DeniseW

    Exercise for underarm flab?

    I have some loose skin under my arms from weight loss that I know I can't completely get rid of but are there any exercises that can help tone it up a bit? I have 5 pound weights at home.
  17. DeniseW

    Ok, so I'm getting chained to a doghouse.......

    to bring attention to the plight of dogs that are left outside chained 12 months out of the year without any shelter at all. The organization is and you can read all about the event there. There will be media coming to my house, etc... If any of you would like to sponsor...
  18. DeniseW

    Where do I find the Clubhouse that you all speak of

    I don't see it on the list of forums....
  19. DeniseW

    What famous people would you LOVE to meet?

    I'm just curious who you would all meet if you had the chance? I have a few that I would just love to sit and talk with for a few..... 1) Stevie Nicks(I've loved her for 30 years) 2) Ellen Degeneres 3) Kathy Griffin 4) Rosie O'Donnell(I know a lot of people don't like her but I find...
  20. DeniseW

    Sleepwear at K-Mart

    I found some really good nightgowns last night while poking around, they only go up to a 3X but the stuff is very stretchy. They also have some cute capri and tank top sleepwear that is very stretchy too. It's all on sale for 30% off, I'm going back tomorrow to get some more.