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    Hoping 2020 is better.

    Sounds like a real clusterfuck dude Maybe I’m completely off base but it sounds like your holding a lot of guilt around her death, sounds like you feel if she had listened to you that she would still be alive and that’s gotta fucking suck, I hope you can get some access to grief counselling or...
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    Girlfriend wants to lose weight but I don’t want her to. How can I change my attitude?

    this sounds like it's causing a lot of cognitive dissonance for you both, I'd suggest couples counselling especially if you're considering bringing children into the mix (I'm just wildly guessing from your username) What does your partner like? what are her kinks? do you ever show each other...
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    Plus size performers

    Did anyone see Lizzo's performance on Saturday night live? I heard she was struggling with a cold or flu but she still smashed it, also her guitarist was paying tribute to Sister Rosetta Tharpe it really gives me...
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    I just Quit drinking

    Thank you for sharing your struggle brother, I'm glad you've found the supportive community here. I am an addict over the course of my life it's manifested as an alcohol problem, a weed problem and a substance problem. I've been alcohol free for over a year now but that was because I was...
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    Loopy's Lusciously Lavish Lair

    I genuinely had no idea he was bisexual before the film, so it's an important film for me on a personal level because it's made me feel more comfortable with the idea of coming out to my friends and eventually family. I know it's sacrificed authenticity for story which is gross and that's...
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    Thoughts On The Actor In This Ad

    representational! I'd have made more of the clothing/scenery purple or lilac shades, he looks quite washed out wearing all that white
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    Wendy Conner, aka CuteFatchick, aka Big Cutie Wendy has passed away at 41

    I'm sure Wendy will be fondly remembered here Caz
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    A definition of Lipophilia

    Fantastic, recently I've started referring to weight bigoted thin people as Lipotypicals, although I'm sure someone must have already coined the term ;)
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    Are complements okay in todays age

    come on dude, we're not entitled to a thank you just because we compliment someone on their appearance, I respect the person that gave that reply so much and you should too because now we get to become better people. I know some of our parents or peers probably taught us that its just a given...
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    Self acceptance as a BHM

    thank you for sharing Abzu, it forking sucks how those ***** treated you and your mother, I'm glad to know things have changed. Your share has given me some clarity or maybe I'm just leaping to conclusions but I will share what I have gleaned based on my experiences and your post. When you...
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    Free Association - Part 4!!

    Alan Partridge on DVD? A-ha!
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    Is it hypocritical redux; to be attracted to fat while remaining thin?

    I think this thread begs the question would you be ok on the other side of the relationship, would you be ok gaining or sustaining a fatter body for your loves preference? I'm pretty certain I would but I'm a bhm already so I'm not coming from a thin perspective , it's definitely a tough question.
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    Free Association - Part 4!!

    issue 1 is only 99 space credits, and it comes with a picture of an Allen key normal price 499
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    Self acceptance as a BHM

    Thank you all for your kind words and your support, Fat Hiker: An excellent suggestion, for most of my life I've been the fat guy in my group of thin friends, I'm not used to seeing the fat guy be the focus DragonFly: Thank you for sharing your memories, his legacy lives on through you and...
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    Question with a Question

    Do you spin on a mischievous axis?
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    Free Association - Part 4!!

    earls pearls, unfurls the curls, whirls the swirls
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    Watching strangers gorge themselves

    I think I'd feel uncomfortable if a stranger was getting turned on from watching me eat. I think where sexual desires are concerned both parties should be consenting, I mean looking at someone and being attracted, that's ok but I think there's definitely a line, I'm not sure exactly where it is.
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    Free Association - Part 4!!

    serpentine spice space spies certain simulacrum, simultaneously sliding shifting slyly sideways syndrome, similar pseudo science sighs scything sayings signing, sip ciphers shyly shilling shells surely side some sea shore
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    Free Association - Part 4!!

    they who control the old spice, control the old universe they who control the spice girls, control the spiciverse
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    Self acceptance as a BHM

    I've recently started my journey of self acceptance, I'm doing cognitive behavioural therapy, I've just been diagnosed type 2 diabetes so I'm trying to look after myself a bit more, I'm not trying actively to loose weight although I was told that I might have to :( I want to know other BHMs...