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    Lets have a dinner party with music!

    Change the name of a musician, singer or band to a food item.
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    The drunk guy at the end of the bar game

    Finish "The drunk guy at the end of the bar" with what your pet is doing.
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    The bar is open

    While I pour myself a Yuengling lager from the United States oldest brewery what can I get you? 21 and up please
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    Airplane seats

    I read a true story yesterday about seats on a airplane. According to the story an overweight man was seated at the window seat in a two seat configuration. A lean man was at the aisle seat. The overweight man was big enough that his body encroached the smaller mans seat. The flight was 5...
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    Plus size performers

    I looked and have not seen a thread promoting plus size performers male or female. You can promote local, as well as national and international people. To include television and film. I love the adult performers but please this is not the thread for them. Tonight I had the privilege to be...
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    BBW Second Chances ( BBW EATING ROMANCE)

    Second Chances by wrenchboy Chapter 1 My flight back home from Denver was going to be depressing. I had been at the funeral of my best friend and felt than nothing could cheer me up short of the plane going down in flames. Not being one to wait in lines I was one of the last to board. Moving...
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    I am looking for actual dreams. Not win the lottery, marry a celebrity, be able to fly....dreams. When you sleep dreams. I do not dream very often but when I do it is more often than not very wierd. Here is one that I had the other night. My current wife were living in the house that I grew...
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    post something good about where you live

    Please don't post a laundry list of things that you found on the Internet. Tell us about something that you personally enjoy about living where you live . I love living in Florida because of the heat all the bbws wear less clothing. In Tampa the last time it snowed was in 1976. 1/2 inch and...
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    funny named towns

    I am an over the road truck driver and I find it absolutely facinating all the different names all over the United States. Since we are from all over the the world we can have posts from all corners of the planet. Post names of funny or unusual names of cities, rivers, parks whatever. I will...
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    going number 2

    Has anybody heard anything about the frequency of going number 2 as it relates to weight loss or gain?
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    please help with a rash

    My wife has been having problem with a nasty rash under her boobs and under her tummy rolls. She washes and dries and has tried several different powders to include jock itch medicine. Sometimes the rash starts to go away then it comes back with a vengeance. Painful redness and blisters...
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    songs for bbws

    Who can change an existing song and make it into a pro bbw/bhm song. Please include the original lyrics for those not familiar with the song. example: Joe Walsh Lifes been good to me Sometimes I go to parties until 4 It's hard to leave when you can't find the door. changed to Sometimes I go...
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    Don't stop believing - by Wrenchboy (~BBW, Imagery)

    ~BBW, Imagery - a chance encounter has unexpected but great results Author's note:I wasn't sure where to post this story because every word is true. But anyway here it is. I am not much of a writer and surely I would not be able to put into words the experience I had a few years ago. Don't...