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  1. James

    Stressed men drawn to heavy women So what do you all make of this? I think that while it isn't true for me (i.e. when stress-free, I am still drawn to larger women) there might be something to this. The researchers are legit and have credibility in their work in...
  2. James

    Individual choice and the legitimacy of discrimination

    There are many ways to live a life, many choices we can make and many things over which we have no agency. Over my adult life time (say the last 10-15 years) I've observed social change across society (UK) whereby the attitude toward 'other' states of being (relatively speaking) has changed...
  3. James

    Thinking Allowed

    This BBC radio 4 clip is actually a couple of years old but its still full of interesting discussion. --- OBESITY Nowadays obesity is spoken in terms of an epidemic, and according to some scientists in the United States, to stay thin one should eat sensibly, exercise, but also wash their...
  4. James

    Eau de Nerd

    This is a skit by my good friend Mikey, a BHM from the internet sensation, "the chronicles of the nerds". I thought some of you FFAs might appreciate him? Show him some love on their website or their facebook group .
  5. James

    Lucille Clifton RIP

    Sadly, the American poet, Lucille Clifton died today, aged 73. Here's one of my favorite poems by her...
  6. James

    FA Myths thread #8

    "The only reason people want to be thin is to attract a partner (and the corollary: once a person is dating an FA/FFA, they have no reason to worry about their weight)"
  7. James

    FA myths thread # 7

    "Being an FA is mutable ('not set in stone'). Correspondingly an FA can change to become a non-FA and vice versa"
  8. James

    The FA closet. Are you in or out?

    This poll is accompanying the FA Myth thread: "Most FAs choose to indefinitely stay in the closet rather than attempt to forge real life relationships with fat people" Whether you identify as an FA or not, obviously this is a poll that can only be answered by people who have an aesthetic...
  9. James

    FA Myth thread # 6

    "Most FAs choose to indefinitely stay in the closet rather than attempt to forge real life relationships with fat people"
  10. James

    FA Myths thread # 5

    "Fat Admirers are fetishists and thus tarnish the credibility of the size acceptance movement through their association with it"
  11. James

    FA Myths thread # 4

    "FAs are more interested in a fat person's body than their personality, character or inner qualities"
  12. James

    FA Myths thread # 3

    "Gaining weight is not a big deal, if you don't like it you can always lose it again"
  13. James

    FA Myths thread # 2

    "FAs want their partners to be fat as a way of controlling them and preventing others from being interested in them"
  14. James

    new study - obesity linked to headlessness

    (props to Dan, from whose facebook I stole this link) A new study of media coverage of studies of obesity has concluded that headlessness may be a contributor to excessive weight gain. “We’ve read almost every...
  15. James

    FA Myths thread # 1

    "all other FA are attracted and turned on by fat in the same way that I am"
  16. James

    The Naughty Kitchen with Chef Blythe Beck

    I caught an ad for a new show called 'The Naughty Kitchen' today on Oxygen. This is no Top Chef Masters and (thankfully) the improbably thin Kelly Choi is not presenting...(I don't trust a food critic that looks looks like they never eat). In fact the head chef is a vivacious and brassy BBW who...
  17. James

    New Fat Acceptance Advert - "Too Offensive for Television"

    And I should warn you all... that ABC's assessment about this advert having the potential to offend should be taken seriously. This ad really does not pull any punches... and in my opinion, is especially effective for that reason alone. one last warning before you click on the link below... if...
  18. James

    Coming Out: Experiences, Stories and Advice Thread

    Each FA has a 'coming out' story. These stories involve parents, friends, co-workers and many others. For some its easy but for most its a tough process that requires some inner strength to make the leap of faith. In spite of this, I have yet to hear a 'coming out' story that has ended in...
  19. James

    Fat Admiration - Journals, Papers, Books, Blog Posts and News Articles Thread...

    Fat Admiration is a subject that has been getting greater news and TV coverage in recent years. As our visibility as a group increases, I figured that it might be interesting/useful, from the point of view of seeing whats being said and written about us, to create a thread relating to media...
  20. James

    Doing Away With the Extra F?

    Does the collective noun for "people wot are attracted to fat people..." need to be gender-specific? At the moment there are FFAs and FAs... The advent of this board has begun to underline the commonalities that I'd always assumed... which raises the following questions? To the "FFAs", is the...