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  1. SSBHM

    Santa Belly Contest

    Tis the season to indulge and bulge! Wonder if anyone else is trying to see how much rounder they can be by Christmas? I started at TG and have added 5 more inches. YEAH! Wonder if anyone elese is trying to gain at this time of year?
  2. SSBHM

    no vaccines for those that can't afford it

    In the US medicine and health care are not a human right. Services and products are delivered only to those that can afford it. The US Government however is paid for by the taxpayer citizens across the entire spectrum. So, if a government pays for drug research and provides subsidies for drug...
  3. SSBHM

    Saw this and it made me smile I relate most to the "exercise doesn't mean you lose your belly" clip
  4. SSBHM

    Change of Seasons

    I have had the most incredibly strong urges lately to want to stuff - I mean much more than normal. I am a bit stressed about work, maybe that's it. I also love the change in seasons and somehow more color and cooler weather also spike my appetite. Maybe there's a lot more to it but I can't...
  5. SSBHM

    Miss my mom

    It's mothers' day and I miss my mom who passed away about 18 years ago. I hope I was a good son and didn't disappoint her too much as I grew up. Was I handsome enough, smart enough, ambitious enough, kind enough, caring enough...? To all the moms out there I hope you are appreciated, loved...
  6. SSBHM

    Is anyone else obsessed with using this to build your meal? My extra-large custom pizza is over 580 calories a slice x 8 = 4640 calories! Of course, the pasta bread bowl, and brownies are a must too.
  7. SSBHM

    Delicious over eating.

    Do any of you do this: If I'm out running errands or going out for whatever reason before you know it I'm thinking about where I might stop to get something to eat. It almost becomes an obsession as I think or plan on making several stops. The other day I went to the bank for a brief meeting...
  8. SSBHM

    BHM Bigger Better Baking

    Bigger Better Baking by SSBHM Hot! Hot! Hot! I had removed something from the oven and even though I had used silicone padded gloves, my hands felt like they were burning! I slid the large bakery tray into one of the cart rack shelf slots and took off the gloves to look at my hands. They...
  9. SSBHM

    Could, should, would?

    I was wondering, could I, should I, or would I be able to ask for encouragement to gain more weight? Is this something anyone on the dim board (weight gain forum) might respond to? Just was looking for some words of encouragement. It's like I want to gain, but doing it alone seems a bit...
  10. SSBHM

    How many calories?

    Does anyone target how many calories to consume to gain weight? I have been casually trying to keep track of what I eat to see how many calories I am getting. For the past week I have had between 4500 and 10000 each day. Yesterday was kind of a typical day: pancakes eggs sausage coffee...
  11. SSBHM

    Is it rude to ask

    I wonder if this is a completely rude thing to ask, but can I ask for encouragement to gain more weight? I want to get fatter. :rolleyes: