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  1. GordoNegro

    'The Whale'--New Brendan Fraser Film

    I remember C. Metz in an ET interview stating that "American Horror Story" did not think she was big enough (for the role), thus having her wear a fat suit. Whether "The Whale" is made to be a sympathetic figure who is unable to make changes to get closer to his teen daughter or unwilling to...
  2. GordoNegro

    BHM Matt Gets Fat (~BHM, ~XWG)

    This was a fun read. Good to hear about closeted fatties who let go/can't stop themselves.
  3. GordoNegro

    Busted through plateau

    Hope you're ready for those unexpected growth spurts, especially when the metabolism slowly waives the white flag.
  4. GordoNegro

    Is She a Feeder

    Congrats and happy for them. I can't blame them if they choose to cut their social media and remain offline after being antagonized since the documentary. I will be surprised if the KingSize Fitted Suit lasts past the Congrats to them.
  5. GordoNegro

    The Reality Of Dating An SSBBW

    Unfortunately with some FA, when the rubber meets the road they cannot deal. Some FA and Feeders have desires that should stay as fantasies as when the realities kick in, they can't handle it. Hopefully the next 1 will have experience dating/caring/providing for ssbbw/ussbbw and break the mold.
  6. GordoNegro


    Unfortunately most companies/businesses will opt for fat-shaming/fatphobia vs taking a hit on their bottom line or insurance. Autopsy said the 14 yr old Orlando teen was 100+ lbs over the limit for the roller coaster ride as the bar could not snap into place. Condolences to the grieving father...
  7. GordoNegro

    City Island - Pertinent Scenes 😘

    Beautiful memory. Especially as it reminded me of Sammy's, Johnny's Reef & Seafood City in City Island. Bittersweet seeing E. Miller now though.
  8. GordoNegro

    Any Hockey Fans Here?

    Casual fan who watches Opening Night and Stanley Cup Playoffs. Just happy Madison Square Garden had given New Yorkers good reason to scream on Late June Nights this year.
  9. GordoNegro

    Any interest in MPREG?

    With a focus on shape, size, eating for 2-3, there are elements that would resonate as it is similar like those with Violet/blueberry desires. I remember The Cosby Show episode where Cliff, Theo, Elvin and Sandra's military husband were all going to give birth to hero sandwiches which was funny...
  10. GordoNegro

    Are There Any Real Feeders Left

    Treat yourself well, have doctors who respect you and have things fall into place. There are a lot of poor quality feeders roaming around. Less likely to ignore red flags when things are in your favor.
  11. GordoNegro

    What is your weight right now?

    Went for a checkup recently as I felt the house scale was off (XL-700 reading 372). 1st time being there, didn't know he only had a balance beam scale that I struggled to get on..then told it was 413 (-3) for clothing making it 410. Though seeing he wrote 399 on file. I was disappointed that he...
  12. GordoNegro

    Weight Board Confessional

    I miss the SILOTEC scales that were $250.00 from LivingXL a few years back, as the XL700 has me looking to make appointments as the #'s appear off.
  13. GordoNegro

    Any baseball fans here?

    Good thing the bars are open late in the 5 boros as New York Metropolitans experience another epic late inning collapse in Philly.
  14. GordoNegro

    700 lb woman wants to weigh 1000 lbs

    Tbh, on this forum and elsewhere "intentional weight gain" and "feederism" in general kind of leans to the more extreme cases. Yes, there are people here and elsewhere who have battled with anorexia/body dysmorphia, though appear to be pale in # to those who have the desire to take it there...
  15. GordoNegro

    700 lb woman wants to weigh 1000 lbs

    I don't think you need to apologize for an honest question and speaking your truth. You have a genuine concern for those who choose or at the point where bodies start to break. I'd rather hear you voice on the side of caution speaking out of regret; than the social media tongue lashing from some...
  16. GordoNegro

    Any baseball fans here?

    NYY are being forced to confess for their own cheating scandal on E 161St & River Ave. M. Stroman opted to blast NYM Management as racist while M. Scherzer thinks the stadium by Flushing Bay will be a good retirement home. This is only being entertained as NYC's Swag Mayor opted to change unfair...
  17. GordoNegro

    700 lb woman wants to weigh 1000 lbs

    Rather people speak their truths (regardless) than to be silenced. Those who opt for lifestyle change/kink should truly know what factors are out there so they can truly make decisions they can accept or decide not to. In the Fat Girls & Feeders documentary Model Teighlor stated her regrets as...
  18. GordoNegro

    Is She a Feeder

    She does appear to have closeted feeder tendencies, as some would make references to how there was always food on the table growing up, or that a grandmother/mother loved to cook and wanting to be like her. Literally general references more people can relate to without being specific. I'm happy...
  19. GordoNegro

    700 lb woman wants to weigh 1000 lbs

    You're also free to beat a dead horse, doesn't mean its a great idea either.