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  1. superodalisque

    Women are Sacred

    this is so beautiful it had to be shared: Saturday Women Are Sacred: 11 Native American Quotes About Women The cycle of life for the woman is the baby, girl, woman, and grandmother. These are the four directions of life. She has been given by natural laws, the ability to reproduce...
  2. superodalisque

    Fat Admiration and Codependence

    every woman of every size needs to be careful to keep ownership of her identity. it would be very easy to fall into that trap dug for women no matter what their size is to get their identity from everywhere else, whether it's from motherhood, our significant other or even a job. a common issue...
  3. superodalisque

    What do you as women think about ranking guys?

    I was just reading an article and it got me thinking. guys even walk down the street yelling out numbers and opinions about women. rating women has been institutionalized in beauty pageants but suddenly when men get ranked it's a problem. I can understand not wanting to pigeon hole people out...
  4. superodalisque

    Once i found out anyone could have you i stopped wanting you.

    I had this neat convo today with a bunch of women I know. men always seem to get the reputation of not wanting women who've been passed around. but maybe women feel that way more than society admits. does it phase you when a guy has been around? everyone says it's best for men to have...
  5. superodalisque

    Fat MPDG

    this isn't a new article but a good one. I think we fat women go through this too -- as there really isn't that much difference really between all women except the artificial difference that society puts there. I think it's very easy to become someone's MPDG online. a few cute pix or posts about...
  6. superodalisque

    Just a Lil Help

    have you ever crept before, maybe without even realizing it at the time. people sometimes complain a lot that other people don't like them just because they're fat or just because they are an admirer. then they realize later it might be neither. it might be that something they do might creep...
  7. superodalisque

    I'm Very Fat and I STill Get Laid All of the Time...Shocked?

    this is a great article by Suzanne Samin. if you usually don't click on stuff you might want to this time:
  8. superodalisque

    Scaring people with our bodies ?

    I was looking at an article about an ultra thin model in a Scandinavian magazine. the photo scared me to death for her. undoubtedly pretty, she still looked like a corpse propped up against something. of course there were a lot of comments, most saying she needed help. one woman commented that...
  9. superodalisque

    The Film Pride as inspiration for Intersectionality in the Fat Community

    the film Pride, that is about part of the London LGBT community getting involved with a miner's strike in Wales. it's based on a true story. when I was watching I thought that there is a lot of talk about intersectionality in the fat community but there isn't really very much actually happening...
  10. superodalisque

    Alien Bodies

    before I found out about the fat community nearly 15 yrs ago I spent all of my time submerged in views of average sized bodies. they were absolutely everywhere around me. i was involved in art. absolutely every model i knew was average sized. I was even able to carve a good little niche for...
  11. superodalisque

    So Where are the Fat folk Protests ?

    I keep looking around seeing all of the people involved en masse protesting the ferguson situation and the Eric Garner case effectively all over the nation and even the world with the "hands up don't shoot" campaign. then I asked myself, where are the passionate protests and mottos for fat...
  12. superodalisque

    Another Good Reason to Stop Believing Every Fat Hating Thing you Read Online

    this article is speaking of the trolls targeting political sites but people who push diet and beauty products with billions of dollars at stake have been doing the same as well, which is why you see many of the comments aimed at undermining the self esteem of fat people online. hint, take notice...
  13. superodalisque

    Fat Community on the Down Low

    one thing i've often felt conflicted about is how with all of the talk about fat pride the fat community seems often to operate on the down low. i can understand that some people don't want events, especially those intended to be mainly social, tainted by protesters etc... but i've also often...
  14. superodalisque

    The Idealization of Low Self Esteem

    i saw this article about songs focusing on guys telling women they are beautiful. okay . i think we can pretty much appreciate that aspect. but do you think we we really need to be told we are beautiful to actually BE beautiful ? and that culturally speaking we are never really supposed to...
  15. superodalisque

    Fat Girls And Older men

    i was reading an article about how men past 39 are feeling invisible these days. i remember when i first found the community, there were a lot of older guys around who could attract very young women in their twenties. but that doesn't happen as much anymore or does it? i have felt for a long...
  16. superodalisque

    Why don’t women know what men find attractive?

    here's an interesting article i'm passing on for comment that came from a guy friend of mine who isn't an FA. the article talks about how men prefer women who are not as thin as women think they prefer. it mentions Kim Kardashian who is hardly fat at all. men of these present generations have...
  17. superodalisque

    Public idea of "Chubby Chasing"

    someone passed this post on to me and i found it extremely thoughtful. what do you think of the public preconceived notions of what they call "Chubby Chasing" and what impact do you feel it has on you and other people you care about. is there anything you think we can do to adjust the public...
  18. superodalisque

    Someone Loves Your Body

    link for monologue video: "Whatever you've got going on, someone else out there wants to get down with it." That's the message behind a May 14 monologue comedian Pete...
  19. superodalisque

    The I Luv Bacon Thread

    the one thing many of us can probably agree on is how much we looove bacon. post your fav bacon products, dishes, recipes, or anything bacon here! i would pick my teeth with this:
  20. superodalisque

    Mental Illness/Addiction and Fat Negativity

    i was reading a fantastic article about whether addicts and the mentally ill are responsible for their behavior. then i thought about the overly negative focus some people can have about being fat and how much of that sometimes goes hand in hand with depression and other issues. there seems to...