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  1. KittyKitten

    Holding on to weight as a big screw you to society

    I hold on to my weight as a big fuck you to my mother and the rest of the society that seems to think a woman has to be a certain size to be deemed attractive. She constantly criticizes my weight every chance she gets. She's worried about my 'health'. But I've told her my blood pressure and...
  2. KittyKitten

    The most painful feeling in the world

    The most painful feeling in the world other than the death of a loved one is the feeling of unrequited love. That hurts like a b*tch! Makes you want to just crumple down on the floor and pull your hair out and cry. You feel worthless. You feel ugly. You feel unlovable. There's nothing more...
  3. KittyKitten

    Fit men and chubby women

    I have noticed many fit men with hard bodies are into chubby women. It seems they put so much effort into making their bodies strong and tight, yet want their women to be soft. Do they believe in the notion that a man should be hard and a woman should be soft and feminine?
  4. KittyKitten

    Why do female-oriented shows and magazines teach women to dislike their bodies?

    It seems quite often, when I read a female-oriented magazine, or watch a television talk show geared toward's women, the fashion "advice" tells them to hide their curves. Hide your boobs! Cover your hips and ass! What's up with that? This only seems to occur in westernized media, particularly...
  5. KittyKitten

    Cool, you can create your own Beatbox! Check this out!

    It's fun! My personal amateur mix, called Feel the Beat Lullaby Drum it up, Drum it up Try it!
  6. KittyKitten

    Keep it 100 now....

    Do you get envious when someone who has the same post count as you has more rep cans? Say if you have 2000 posts with only three light green cans and that other person with the same post count has a golden star, do you feel some kind of way? Keep it 100 now.
  7. KittyKitten

    Cream of Wheat addiction

    Does anyone have strong cravings for eating Cream of Wheat? Forget grits, cream of wheat is where it's at! Every time I pass by a Malt O Meal Wheat Box or Cream of Wheat my mouth waters. I love the thickness yet smooth texture of this food. My mouth is watering already and I just ate some in the...
  8. KittyKitten

    What was your absolute makeup blunder?

    LOL, so I when I was in middle school, I shaved my eyebrows and drew them in with black eyeliner. I used to wear silver eyeliner. I used to outline my lips with black eyeliner :eek::eek:
  9. KittyKitten

    Rest in Peace Mia Amber Davis (sexy big girl from Road Trip)

    I didn't know she died. Mia Amber Davis, the plus-size model and "Road Trip" actress who unexpectedly passed away during routine knee surgery in May, died from a blood clot in her lungs, E! Online reports. The Los Angeles County Coroner's Office released an updated death certificate after...
  10. KittyKitten

    Celebrities that never seem to freaking age!

    There are just some celebrities who never seem to age. They look eternally young. Pat Sajak Vanna White Prince- OMG, does this man age????????? Sade Michael J. Fox Janet Jackson Halle Berry Who else?
  11. KittyKitten

    Rest in Peace Dame Taylor May you rest in eternal peace! She lived a long and rich life and is known for her heavy contribution to AIDS research.
  12. KittyKitten

    All my Dimmers in Japan, West Coast

    I hope everyone is ok.
  13. KittyKitten

    OMG look at this nice ad pic of the Pine Sol lady!

    They made her look so sexy and elegant, not the dowdy depiction they always use of her!
  14. KittyKitten

    I remember when.....(back in the day thread)

    I remember when............. -Nickolodeon used to be the best channel in the world -Little Caesars used to advertise their pizzas on tv with little dude saying "Pizza Pizza" -I used to play Super Mario Brothers and Double Dragon on my Nintendo -Turbo GraFX- 16 -I used to read...
  15. KittyKitten

    All my people with sloppy handwriting check in here!

    Check in this post if you have handwriting that looks like chicken scratch! Me!!!!!! I have 'doctor's handwriting' lol Thank God for computers!
  16. KittyKitten

    Hair Battle Spectacular Thread!!!

    I love this show on Oxy! I am rooting for Tsunami or Jayrock. I like Fingaz, though she can be cocky as hell and underestimate her opponent as we saw on Episode 3 when Sexy Lexi, the underdog, won over her. There is one rule of thumb in life and that is to never underestimate your opponent for...
  17. KittyKitten

    Amazing Photographs from the World War II era in awesome color

    Wow, these are very high quality pictures from that 1939-1943 era. The pictures are so clear as they were taken today! More pictures are found here: Also here...
  18. KittyKitten

    As a BHM are you also attracted to BBWs and voluptuous women?

    I was wondering if any of the BHM men here are primarily attracted to BBWs. Or do you like women who are the physical opposite of you in terms of weight?
  19. KittyKitten

    Silly and dumb things you did when you were a little kid

    What are some of the dumb a-- things you did as a child? Boy did I do a lot! Childhood was fun! 1. Put nail polish on my lips 2. Slept with my gum, when I woke up, it was all over my face,lol 3. Stuck m&ms up my nose 4. Pranked called 9/11 (terrible) 5. Swallowed a nickel 6. kissed my...
  20. KittyKitten

    First Lady of Cameroon awesome red hair and fashion!

    No it's not Tina Knowles (Beyonce's mom)!!! Here are some First Ladies of Africa with Carla Sarkozy during France Bastille day July 14 2010. I was just so awed by Chantal Biya's hair!!! Chantal Biya is Cameroon's First Lady. She makes Sarkozy look so bland. I love her style! She just looks...