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  1. Blockierer

    What are the advantages of having a fat partner?

    A lot has been written about the handicaps of having a fat partner. Arm chairs, seats on buses, stairs are too high and so on. So, FA/FFAs write down, what do think is an advantage? Lets start: - We always get the table with the most space in a restaurant.
  2. Blockierer

    I Need Fat Acceptance Because...

    Today, on Tumblr I found this: I think this should be supported. Anyway, good idea!
  3. Blockierer

    Post 500 ...........

    ......... is of course for the Clubhouse :)
  4. Blockierer

    Has There Ever Been A Poll Of Zodiac Sign

    Has there ever been a poll which zodiac sign BBWs and FAs mostly have? For example are there more FAs capricorns or more BBWs virgos? ;) I don't know how to post such a poll cause the number of options are limited to 10. :confused: I bet on that capricorn is on top for FAs as well as BBWs! :)...