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  1. Hozay J Garseeya

    Interesting Ads on DIMS

    So far I've gotten: Weight loss pills how to get rock hard abs tickets for a local show What other randomness has come up?
  2. Hozay J Garseeya

    I'm going to need the Women's opinion on this...

    Notice I said Women's opinion and not FFA's. I've noticed with my time here, that there are a majority of the men on the board that feel that if we label ourselves as BHM we will automatically be Gods of sex to "FFA's." The way I've seen things is, I am a human male first, and a fat human...
  3. Hozay J Garseeya

    Post your dreams about LeoGibson

    I know we all have them, and I'm totally man enough to fess up. I couldn't be happier with this dream and Leo's presence. I was staying at a hotel and didn't know the are well since I was just passing by, but Leo drove by and insisted he take me out. He wasn't about to let me stay indoors on...
  4. Hozay J Garseeya

    Who wants to dance with 300lbs of decent looking man!

    Hit, me, UP laydeez!!!! This was recorded a while ago and I don't remember what for, but I figured I'd share it again.
  5. Hozay J Garseeya

    Secret Snowflake?

    has anybody looked at this in the Lounge. it sounds really interesting, and it'd be really cool to be apart of it with the people here. check this out and this one
  6. Hozay J Garseeya


    Someone had to do it :D
  7. Hozay J Garseeya

    Check out these SOCKS!!!

    I figured enough people told me to do it. But it'd be awesome if others would post pictures of their awesome socks as well. This is what I'm wearing. And these are the awesome socks to match
  8. Hozay J Garseeya

    How do you refer to Dims folk in real life?

    I know some people don't mention dims at all to others, and I know for a fact that I don't. But I did find myself trying to tell a story to a friend of mine about Relis, and as soon as I opened my mouth, I realized that I'd have to explain dims. So with that I just said "a friend of mine in...
  9. Hozay J Garseeya

    HOZAY!!! (picture thread)

    Now I don't know if this thread is warranted or not, but I realized the "pose an awesome picture of yourself" thread wasn't really always fitting my needs. So therefore I figured I'd post my OWN picture thread since everyone else does it, right? And I saw these two photos of me that...
  10. Hozay J Garseeya

    85% serious, 15 not.

    It's a new year, I've lived my celibate life long enough, and I received a message from someone that made me think. I've also heard a few of you ladies talking about squashing, and although I'm not entirely sure what that is, I'm pretty sure I've figured it out . . . so . . . anyone want...
  11. Hozay J Garseeya

    An FFA dream . . .

    The title is actually what I mean. I don't normally remember my dreams, as far as I'm concerned, I sleep, and there's just black. I do occasionally remember some things, it's never anything really of importance, but last night I had a dream, with a context that I have never had before, until...
  12. Hozay J Garseeya

    Ugly Christmas Sweaters!!!

    It's ugly christmas sweater time, pair it with a scarf, and you look extra hideous. Anyone else have pictures to share?
  13. Hozay J Garseeya

    Simply Delicious!!!

    HAHAHA, get it? Get it? Aww, nevermind. I know Melian will get it.
  14. Hozay J Garseeya

    Dims Time.

    I posted something earlier in the Confession thread and it made me think. How much time do you spend on Dims, or when do you log on quickly to just check to see if someone left you rep or a message or to see if someone posted a new picture. I know I check it before I go to work, and as...
  15. Hozay J Garseeya


    Sure Happy It's Thursday . . . Aren't the rest of you?
  16. Hozay J Garseeya

    Just a Taste . . .

    I posted this elsewhere, but as the BHM forum is where I first started posting, I figured I'd post it here. Just me being dumb and having a good time. If you're ever in Phoenix let me know. YOU could be the next Karaoke Victim...
  17. Hozay J Garseeya

    Me, just being me.

    Didn't know where to post this, so I figured here would work. Me being dumb and singing some Karaoke. making a fool of myself, I just figured I'd share with the masses. Enjoy.
  18. Hozay J Garseeya

    It's so weird . . .

    I'm alone at home. My Roommate left town to visit home and I'm here alone. House is quite, with the music playing in the background and the faint crackling sound of the cat playing with a paper bag in the other room. I just got back from dinner with friends, everyone was couples, and I was...