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  1. Iannathedriveress

    My Fiance Doesn't Understand the Attraction of Fat Women

    I know a post of like this has been put out many times but my fiance doesn't understand my attraction to fat women at all. She is a plus size transwoman like me. I try to explain why I have such an attraction towards plus size women and thinks it's more of a fetish than preference. Can anyone...
  2. Iannathedriveress

    Crash test dummies get old and obese The traditional crash test dummy, with its military physique, could soon be joined by a new generation designed to reflect the rise in the numbers of elderly and obese drivers — and with ‘organs’ that behave like...
  3. Iannathedriveress

    What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’ Star Darlene Cates Dies at 69 Darlene Cates, known for playing the mother in “What's Eating Gilbert Grape,” has died. She was 69. Cates’ daughter...
  4. Iannathedriveress

    A plus-size transgender model just made history by landing a major fashion campaign

    I know this was posted online awhile back but I don't know if Dimensions has ever seen this article before. As a plus size transwoman myself, it makes me happy to see that not all transwomen are skinny...
  5. Iannathedriveress

    World's heaviest woman fights for life

    I found a CNN clip on YouTube about an Egyptian woman who weights 1,102 pounds and is getting help with a surgeon from India.
  6. Iannathedriveress

    Happy National Coming Out Day

    Happy International Coming Out Day to even one who is on the LGBT spectrum.
  7. Iannathedriveress

    Government urged to tax fat people BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Feb 11 2016 – A concern that Barbadians are eating too many unhealthy foods is fuelling calls for them to pay for their overindulgence. During last night’s town hall meeting on the financing of...
  8. Iannathedriveress

    Mugen motivates rider to lose weight for million-dollar bike

    Check out: "Mugen motivates rider to lose weight for million-dollar bike"- We would never call John McGuinness fat. Certainly, as you can see in the video above, the big-boned rider didn't seem at...
  9. Iannathedriveress

    First plus-size female superhero soars into her own comic book, 'Faith' The same week that Mattel unveiled three new body types for its iconic Barbie doll — including "curvy" Barbie — has brought another ripple in the cultural zeitgeist: a new comic book starring a plus-size...
  10. Iannathedriveress

    Russian Officials Will Give You a Truck Full of Coal if You Lose Some Weight Lose weight in America, and your friends will give you a nice pat on the back and make corny jokes about how thin you are. Lose weight in Siberia, though, and a giant truck will come by your house and...
  11. Iannathedriveress

    Becoming more confindent as a woman

    Last night I went to an event called Witches Night Out. It has been one year since I went for the first time as a woman and returning there, I have more confidence with being a woman. For me, living life as a woman has made me so much happier. I feel more of my genuine self, no longer have to...
  12. Iannathedriveress

    One Completely Random Sentence From A Book

    Everyone loves to say that drag queens are "fabulous," but nobody seems to get the fact that trans women are fucking badass!
  13. Iannathedriveress

    Struggles into transition of becoming a female

    For a long time I have struggle figure out who I am as a person. I always though I was just an average male, but always felt that something is missing. Then I woke one day and begin to think that maybe I'm not a male but a female that is trapped in a male's body. Then I begin to connect my past...
  14. Iannathedriveress

    The FDA is About to Approve the Equivalent to an Obesity Shock Collar The miracle cure for obesity has been electricity all along — at least, so sayeth a new product just recommended for approval by the FDA's nine-member Gastroenterology and Urology Devices Panel...
  15. Iannathedriveress

    World's former fattest man who weighed incredible 88 stone dies at 48 Manuel Uribe was admitted to hospital with an abnormal heartbeat but despite the work of doctors died in hospital today REUTERS Manuel Uribe - the world's former fattest man - has died at 48 A Mexican once...
  16. Iannathedriveress

    Japan Thinks the New Godzilla Should Hit The Treadmill

    I honestly didn't know where to put this article on the forum, but I though it's an interesting article. Hollywood's latest take on Godzilla is hitting theaters next month, and while we've already heard...
  17. Iannathedriveress

    Fantasy Factory "Big Black's BBW Round-Up"

    Earlier today I was watching Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory earlier on my DVR and they had an episode where Big Black did a dating game featuring some BBW's from Club Bounce. It was an interesting episode that can be viewed on the Fantasy Factory website.
  18. Iannathedriveress

    Woman With World's Largest Ass: People Shocked I Have 'This Much Butt' Sarah Massey would be just another 33-year-old mother-of-two from Chicago — if it weren't for the fact that she also happens to have the world's biggest butt. Though not officially recognized by the prudes at...
  19. Iannathedriveress

    Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy Make a Pact Not to Lose Weight Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy have decided not to change for Hollywood. According to a...
  20. Iannathedriveress

    Random GIFs

    ]The rule is very simple, find a GIF on the internet that you find funny, amazing, or interesting.