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  1. bigsexy920

    Best thing I ever ate !!

    I looked a bit and I didn't see this anywhere - but I love this show on TVFN - i thought it would be cool to do it here. Post the best thing we ever ate - and where you can get it. I cant start cause I have to think about it.
  2. bigsexy920

    Fantasy Girl !

    Not sure where to put this so if it needs to be moved please do so. I have recently been dating a bit more in the past several months. I was told by friends I need to stop saying , NO , and give men a chance, so I have. There seems to be a theme with most the men that I have seen in...
  3. bigsexy920

    December Iron Foodee Challenge

    Ok this is pretty new to me but I think Im going to go with something that is near to my heart and also a broad spectrum of choices. My Item is Meat in casings. 2006 Dec - Oranges 2007 Jan - Cream Cheese Feb - Soda pop Mar - Recipes containing a can of soup Apr - Shrimp May -...
  4. bigsexy920

    Happy Birthday Wrestlinggy

    Happy Birthday Phil !!!! I know it's early but I have to get to bed but I wanted to start the thread. Love you and I hope you have a great day. Berna
  5. bigsexy920

    Happy Birthday Toni !!!!!

    Have a very happy birthday miss Toni !!!!!
  6. bigsexy920

    Happy Birthday Nancygirl74

    Thats right I yelled it. Nancy's my girl I love her and I hope she has a happy birthday. Big Berna Hugs See you soon !!!!! PS i thought i yelled it but there must be a default on here that you cant cap your title. Anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANCYGIRL74
  7. bigsexy920

    Sad News

    I'd like to ask that you send your thoughts and prayers to Carla (bigbuttasshley) and Phil (wrestlinguy). This morning, Carla's step mother passed away after a long illness that she was determined to beat. It was a long road and she held on longer than anyone ever expected. I believe it...
  8. bigsexy920

    Happy Birthday Butch !!!!

    Hope you have a great day full of fun AND cake. Berna
  9. bigsexy920

    Happy Birthday indy500tchr AKA Turtleteacher

    Hey Turt - Happy Birthday My fellow virgo. I hope you had a turtley day Berna
  10. bigsexy920

    Happy Birthday FAJohnny

    Happy Birthday Johnny !!!!! And May I say Id like to work you like a rib :) Hope you had a good day
  11. bigsexy920


    Has anyone tried their products?
  12. bigsexy920

    Happy Birthday Nancygirl !!!!

    I stayed up late so I could post this. All I can say is I love ya girl - Have a happy birthday baby !!!!!
  13. bigsexy920

    New Jersey Is not so bad after all

    Living in NJ I've heard alot of trash talking about how dirty it is - well I just read this on the internet and it seems that NJ is no where on the list.
  14. bigsexy920

    Happy Birthday Ruby Ripples

    I hope you have a wonderful day full of good food - good folks and good fun !!!! Happy Birthday Miss Lady !!!!!
  15. bigsexy920

    Something Nice today thread !!

    Today in the Northeast there was a bit of a snow storm. I got up early and got out to work as ususal. They did close up shop at 3pm, I thought well, that is good, I can get home and shovel the driveway (which I dread doing). Anyway when I got home much to my surprise the driveway was...
  16. bigsexy920

    Happy Birthday Butterbelly !!!!

    Have a GREAT day woman!!!! you deserve it ... Don't forget to eat cake :)
  17. bigsexy920

    Happy Birthday Catt

    It is not below but I know its your birthday today :) Happy Birthday - Hope you have a wonderful day.
  18. bigsexy920

    Guess the Ass !!!

    While out and about a few weeks ago I was caught in the act bite a fe bums. Anyone care to take any guesses who's butts they might be? This first one is easy. They get harder.
  19. bigsexy920

    With Summer Coming, What sunblock do you use?

    I'm very fair and I use the highest possible out there and at times I still get a bit of a burn. I'm interested in hearing about what others use and any tips for keeping safe in the summer sun. Please share !!
  20. bigsexy920

    Happy Birthday Allie AKA BBWmoon !!!!

    I hope you have a wonderful day Allie. !!!!