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    BBW The Matchmaker by Maltese Falcon

    Feedees and feeders galore in this one. Fair warning: some of the dialog and actions get pretty explicit. May not be to everyone’s liking. The Matchmaker by Maltese Falcon He looked across the table at his dinner companion and sized her up. 25 years old. Recent college grad-Art History, if he...
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    BBW Careful What You Wish For by Maltese Falcon

    Be Careful What You Wish For by Maltese Falcon “Mom-that man over there. He’s staring at” Sophia turned to look. She smiled in recognition and was about to explain, when Marenka sneered in his direction. “Hey buddy! Yes you! Why don’t you take a picture? It will last longer.” “Stop...
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    BBW The William Bell Adventures by Maltese Falcon

    Here is a story I posted about ten years back. I resurrected it at the request of member Ulvrik This is a fairly dark tale. Please be forewarned! The William Bell Adventures NewYork/Las Vegas-The Food Critic We meet 23 year old Tanya McGregor, a third year business student. She is being...
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    BBW Fat for Teacher

    There was a request for a story with this plotline. I hope it is the correct one. Fat for Teacher by maltesefalcon (reposted by request) Chapter 1 Principal Edwards called the staff meeting to order. “Before we start the official agenda, I would like to make a brief announcement. It’s been...
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    BBW The Princess Wide by Maltesefalcon

    I'm back. As promised here is my first post in a while. The Princess Bride Wide by Maltesefalcon The year is 1288 and we join our story as the consort of the King of Easterly, Queen Winnifred opens the door to her daughter’s bed chamber. Her daughter, the Princess Honoria, smiled as she...
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    My stories back on line

    Hey all. As you may have noticed my stories are gone from this site, as is the thread explaining why. But some are back on the Curvage web site now plus a new one as a bonus. I'll get the rest up eventually-just give me a little time.