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    The Bigger The Better..?

    well i can tell you from expeirience that fat girls are better lays. Their soft curves just make for a much better expeirience. Plus just cuddling with them and feeling them is pretty awesome.
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    Huge Thighs?

    thighs are my favorite part of a woman's body, the bigger the better. I don't know what it is but a girl with thick big legs just gets me jumping off the walls.
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    Any gaining tips?

    trust me you can pack on pounds just by loading up on snacks (especially before you go to sleep). Have you ever gotten full on oreo cookies or potato chips before? It seems that no matter how many snacks you eat yous till got room for the next meal. However while they don't make you less...
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    Time for new patio furniture....

    awww a cute funny story with some nice pics of your wife. Thanks for posting.
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    Muffin Top

    Thats a muffin top i could bite into!
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    Would I be considered a Pear or Hourglass?

    Looks like an hour glass to me as your waist sort of goes in before going out for you chest and hips. When you put on weight where do you put it, if you noticed it goes jsut right to your butt and thighs you might be a pear shape in the making but if you put it on you chest and hips your a...
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    Decided i should take more pics

    no kidding you are just about the cutest thing I ever did see, and thats not even considering you being into weight gain, which makes you even hotter.
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    one tip that not enough people talk about but seems to allways work is snak foods. think about it, have you ever gotten full on just oreos or potato chips? You can snack on those and not only will they not fill but they'll somtimes just make you hungrier. Also making little changes to your...
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    New Here...Am I even "fat?"

    not fat at all, just got a little flab on your belly. I'd say you weigh 125-140
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    Is the number on the scale significant to you?

    Not too much but i love weight gain. So in my fantasy aa girl would notice shes putting on weight and go on the scale and be surprised about all the weight shes gained.
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    Too full and stuffed Vs. Too full and sick...

    well i guess just stretching out your stomach more and more gradually would work for a contest. My girlfriend just likes eating and wants to eat more with out feeling sick so one thing that she does is just eat slower. She cna eat alot more just by pacing herself. Also if you feel full for...
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    The new Lara Croft

    I ahve seen the pictures and I got to ask, budding plumper? she is very slender however she does have nice hips for a skinny girl. I guess it is nice to see that the whole visible ribs thing has lost popularity and men are more aceepting of curves.
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    an alternative to buying bigger jeans every few months?

    also you could sell the old ones on ebay. Hmmm i just wear pants with a nice stretchy elastic waist. i've out grown some pants (I not really purposly gaining weight but i'm sure as hell doing a good job at it anyway) but my baggier ones still fit me fine as long as i stick my belly above the...
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    OK, so how do you feel about your fat...?

    while i wish every girl would be a 7 i find my self rapidly swithcing between 6 and 1. I would love to put on weight and i really would if i didn't care so much about waht people might think. When i put on weight god i love playing with it, feeling how i got a bit softer over the holidays, but...
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    Gluttony is good for you !

    people allways say that if you eat to make yourself get away from sadness you just get fat, but i say fat and happy beats fit and depressed anyway.
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    Alas...Wife Started Diet

    i would just make sure to compliment her all the time and next time she goes through gaining phase tell her she looks great.
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    The Negative Points

    ^^^^^ I think you pretty much got it right. Heres the the thing, it doesn't matter if your skinny or fat, you sit around all day eating sugar your going to have health problems. You need to get your girlfriend doing some exercise and change her diet. You can keep her weight high just by...
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    New clothes for Christmas

    oh sexy and confident! :smitten:
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    New clothes for Christmas

    ^^^^^^^^: ummmmm yeah okay Anywho fantastic body, I allways had a bit of a weight gain fetish so its nice to see those tight clothes pictures. I hope you get some new clothes, you might want to buy them a size or two up so you got some room to grow! Thanks for posting. I'm loveing your pics!
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    listen, that's not the point

    awww you are a real cute couple, your music is really good too.