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    A song for your Ex.....

    Carly Simon - You're So Vain
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    America's Unhealthiest Restaurants

    Chicago-style pizzas are one of the reasons I love this city. Seriously. They are bricks of cheese and heaven, and you can get them delivered 'till 5am. When the time comes for me to move away from Chicago, I will miss them dearly...BUT, you can have them mail-ordered. Which is further proof...
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    What did you buy today?

    good buy. :)
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    Do you think DIMS should have an FA board?

    .......... ;)
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    Injured by food?

    girl wanted her some ice cream! hahaha. also, i burn my mouth on things because i am too impatient to let them cool down before putting them into my mouth. damn hot pockets...
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    Are you pregnant?

    this happened to me once at a bar a few years ago. i was holding a cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other... i said "no, i'm just fat". she didn't believe me and seemed angry. i laughed and went to get another beer.
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    RuPaul's Drag Race

    best show ever!
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    Favorite Poem?

    i like slam poetry a lot... Vanessa Hidary "Fling Gone Awry" "I said he fucked me like Brooklyn hard and cozy, clean and dirty like lampposts adorned with sneakers like brownstone banisters like big fat turkey in basting pans I said, he...
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    The Adipositivity Project

    i posed for adipositivity, it was a lot of fun! they're good people. :)
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    Happy Birthday Cold Comfort!

    happy bday jen! i believe i will be seeing you soon in the land of ohio. i still remember that magical night... when i got to touch your breast.
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    Comparison BBW with Thinner Guys

    you guys are almost as adorable as chuck and i.
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    Vegan BBW/FAs?

    Hey, I've been vegetarian for 6 years and vegan on and off. Some friends and I had a vegan Thanksgiving this year, I made vegan green bean casserole, substituting milk for soy milk and making my own mushroom soup by frying mushrooms in olive oil, adding flour and vegtable stock, spices and soy...
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    Pictures With Your Bestest Friend

    my best friends...james, terra, ivy...
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    worst pic of yourself EVER!!

    well, it's not a picture, but it's a video. note: although we seem less than sober, this is basically our everyday silliness and what a typical 3am night looks like around the apartment. haha. i assure you, we are only high on life. video of my best friend/roommate. i'm the one in blue, who...
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    I spent today with ClashCityRocker!

    BFFs. Clearly Aaron belongs in Chicago, I don't know about this California business. PS. that red velvet heart cupcake was pretty quality.
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    I met tooz and mfdoom!

    hey! how have you been?
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    I met tooz and mfdoom!

    tooz and mfdoom must visit ivy and i in chicago soon! i had tons of fun.
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    Does anyone else just love R.Kelly?

    he's obviously a genius. trapped in the closet is one of the best things that's ever happened to me. besides the red balloons, of course.
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    What's your weirdest fetish?

    gas masks.