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  1. Ruby Ripples

    Mystery Diners - Is it Fake?

    I find this programme hilarious at times, the utter nerve of some of the employees. I also like that it only lasts half an hour, they don't drag it out like most things. However, I've felt a lot of the time that it is faked and that the culprits are actually actors. They are just too fake...
  2. Ruby Ripples

    Easter Eggs 2015

    I didn't see an up to date thread and I hope I'm not too late and everyone has eaten their goodies! I hard boil eggs every year and force people to decorate them. I use that term loosely as none of us are in the least artistic. I was delighted to find white eggs this year, haven't seen any...
  3. Ruby Ripples


    I received an email today on another site from Betsy's daughter, with the very sad news that her mother passed away on 16 April. Betsy had recently joined that site and was lovely to everyone who left messages and comments for her. I know a lot of people here knew her and/or knew of her...
  4. Ruby Ripples

    January 2012 Iron Foodee Challenge Poll!

    We have NINE choices this month, fantastic! Thanks to everyone who posted their cake recipes, and good luck all!
  5. Ruby Ripples

    January 2012 Iron Foodee Challenge

    So it's January, not really the time of year for nibbling on lettuce leaves. It's dark and cold (for most of us!), I think we need something comforting and happy. So this month's challenge is - CAKES! Fairy cakes/Cupcakes, big sponge cakes, fruited old fashioned cakes, scones, buns, flourless...
  6. Ruby Ripples

    No respect for the dead.. :(

    I was shown this site yesterday. It clearly has FAs from Dims using/posting on it. I also see Carla (Eclectic Girl) featuring further down the first page. When the site loads, you will get a large full screen red ad, just close it, then scroll down. I am disgusted at the slime on that...
  7. Ruby Ripples

    The Photo Thief is at it again..

    If this has been posted already, please delete. The photo thief with all the yahoo groups now has a "real" site. I have seen several photos of women that he has very recenly stolen from Fantasy Feeder. I saw a photo of Lilly, wearing her sexy black leather corset top. I didn't spend any...
  8. Ruby Ripples

    Renault Megane Coupe Cabriolet - Help!

    Sorry If this is the wrong place to post this. I've been invited out for a trip to the seaside tomorrow, and the person taking me has the above car. I own a seat belt extender but left it in my sister's car and it's now in England, grrr. I reaaaaally need a day out, but I'm worried...
  9. Ruby Ripples

    Debenhams now deliver abroad!

    Debenhams is a British department store which has an online site. They are now doing delivery to France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Delivery to the US is £10, however many items you order, and should be there in 7 - 10 days. They do some plus size...
  10. Ruby Ripples

    $20 off your first Next order and Free Shipping!

    Next is a shop that has been in the UK for yeaaars now, and is very popular. They do clothing up to ladies UK 28 or so (US 26), as well as mens clothing, kids, house hold stuff etc. Anyway, I got an email from them today and they have launched in the USA. For every US person I...
  11. Ruby Ripples

    Holy Clothing free shipping wordwide today! Sunday 15 Nov

    No minimum order. The coupon code is 567. I can heartily recomment the Diana top, I have it in six colours and in fact have now also replaced my black one, which was falling apart after three years of constant use. I am...
  12. Ruby Ripples

    **** For Miss Vickie! ****

    Last week I was on the second day of my "Summer" holiday, being driven along in the Highlands, when suddenly I screeched for my friend to stop the car. Why? I HAD to take a photo of where I was.... > > > > >
  13. Ruby Ripples

    Attention Moore2Me and Meerkat Fans!

    Compare the Meerkat!
  14. Ruby Ripples

    UK peeps, 28cm Le Creuset Casserole under £50!

    I hope its okay to post this here, if not Mods please remove, and Im sorry! I found this amazing bargain on Amazon today. These will NOT last long as they are already on a Bargains website. If you love Le Creuset, then this is great, at less than half price. Ive had my one for about ten...
  15. Ruby Ripples

    ***happy St Andrew's Day! ***

    Very happy St Andrew's Day to those for whom it means something! :D
  16. Ruby Ripples

    2008 Secret Santa?

    I was wondering if we are going to have a Secret Santa Christmas card exchange again this year? I loved it last year, but unfortunately due to slow mail from the UK to the US, then from there back out to people, mine didn't get to their destinations til after new year :p If we are doing...
  17. Ruby Ripples

    Help me Choose a Laptop Pleeeeease!!!

    I need a laptop computer and I have a tight budget of no more than £300 (inc delivery if necessary). I will mainly be using it for surfing the net, using msn etc. No fancy schmancy stuff required and I won't be playing games on it. I will still have my desktop pc. I really know VERY VERY...
  18. Ruby Ripples

    *** Happy Birthday Robert! (Trinkan)***

    Very best wishes for a great birthday, Swedish style! (sending you a nice office chair, desk and filing cabinet for a gift )
  19. Ruby Ripples

    I really thought this would be good...

    ... but it was utterly disgusting!! Clipper brand organic liquorice tea bags. I took a sip and at the same time a horrifically overwhelming stench of... burnt charred plastic overwhelmed my poor nostrils. There was a wonderful sweet liquorice flavour in my mouth for a moment, then the...
  20. Ruby Ripples

    Vote for your winner - August Iron Foodee Challenge!

    Cast your votes now for your favourite coffee recipe from the August Iron Foodee Challenge. The poll will close on 4 September, so come on, get your votes in!