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    Has anyone ever considered leaving or actually left dimensions before?

    I have unintentionally zoned out of dimensions during a particularly hectic 2-3 weeks of my life. I have found it hard to re-integrate myself into the community. Obviously the the temptation is there to give up when something is difficult but in the back of my head I know t would be my loss...
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    America has a size 12 to 14 average for girls, will other countries follow?

    I think it is great that American women are relaxed enough about their weight to let a healthy size like this become the norm. I also think it is good from a size acceptance perspective as girls who have been told they are "to fat" might now realise their wieght is only a problem if they make a...
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    Size positive music

    Off course we've all heard the occasional hit like "I like big butts", but they are few and far between and hardly discuss actual bbws let alone ssbbws, for example in "I like big butts" the lyric "you're waist is small" also creeps in, but at least it is a step in the right direction for size...
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    When I told a new friend about my preference I got a surprising reaction!

    She didn't ask any fruther questions and just moved on. She didn't do this out of awkwardness towards the subject but beacause she accepted it without question. Does that mean fat admiration is widely accepted as a preference? I didn't expect her to any problems with it of course but I did...
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    How popular is dimensions?

    I think this is just the beginning for dimensions and the rest of the size acceptance movement. I think that the size acceptance movement is one of the most important movements in todays society. There is nothing that I hate more than a girl being put down for her size. I know there are...
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    Ever wondered why you are an FA? And does it really matter?

    I have never been able to quite put my finger on why im an FA and im starting to think its one of those things u can't put ur finger on... Any agreements or, more interestingly, disagreements with that assertion? Secondly, should us FAs be concentrate more on being an FA (meaning bbws lol)...