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  1. Tragdor

    The New York Public Library blocks this site!!

    You can ask the librarians to turn off the fliters and they will do so for you if you are +18 (which I am am sure you am since you are posting here). Its the law that all libraries getting federal e-rate money have to have the filthering software on by default, but you are perfectly within your...
  2. Tragdor

    SkyRider airline seats pack fliers into 23 inches of space

    No but they do put a meat hook in your back so you don't fall out of the tiny tiny seat.
  3. Tragdor

    Is it okay for a woman to find bbws a turn on?

    Threads always like this always strike me as insincere because I feel it’s pretty apparent what opinion Dimensions will give the person who is asking the question, and I feel like someone who was legitimacy considered about an issue like this would go to a more “impartial” source. But I could be...
  4. Tragdor

    Fantasy Girl !

    I once knew a fantasy girl. She was a Drow Ranger who duel wielded longswords. She was a pretty nice, for a girl who doesn't actually exist. All joking aside fantasy is always going to be more perfect then reality because fantasy is an abstraction from reality that eliminates all the...
  5. Tragdor

    What do you look for in a BBW/BHM?

    I like how personality is mentioned only in the vaguest way possible while you are much more explicit as to the physical aspects you find pleasing.
  6. Tragdor

    Forum bullies

    I want the lunch money of everyone in this thread, right now. Noncompliance will be met with uses of "purple nurple", "hurts sontit", and even the dreaded "Indian burn"
  7. Tragdor

    comic book nerds UNITE!

    Agreed. The constant event schedule of the corporate comics really makes story telling impossible. Its all about sales. Its annoying that trades for indie comics are hard to come by in big box book stores while the same store will have 8 copies of "Countdown to Final Infinite Dark Civil War"
  8. Tragdor

    comic book nerds UNITE!

    After Blue Beetle was recently canceled I really lost my drive to continue with comics. Even titles I loved a year ago, like Runaways, are marred in unoriginal plot lines that make me forget what happened from one issue to the next. Also I feel I might still get some graphic novels of some...
  9. Tragdor

    What Happened to Kelligrl?

    I heard rumors that the next National Treasure movie is going to answer this question once and for all.
  10. Tragdor

    FAs discovered, Bigfoot not far behind.

    Too bad this didn't happen 30 years earlier. FAs and FFAs could have had a whole episode of Leonard Nimoy's "In Search of"
  11. Tragdor

    How many FA/FFAs do you think are out there?

    I am actually the only one, you all are absinthe induced hallucinations I am having about the 21st century. I am actually witting this post with a quill.
  12. Tragdor

    Dims member(s?) on Tyra show Monday 3/16 - trainwreck?

    I almost get your issues. Maybe if I wore really tall shoes I could relate.
  13. Tragdor

    What are you reading?

    Just finished Consider Phlebas by Iain M. Banks No where as good as The Player of Games. Phelebas really seems to drag. I love the setting of Banks' Culture novels but without proper pacing the action and themes seem to drag along.
  14. Tragdor

    your limits?

    I can wait to see what arugements this thread makes! :mad: GRRRRRR people these days just can't wait for a good arugment!
  15. Tragdor

    An FA Video Game Creation

    how are the game mechanics going to be structured? FPS style? Pokemon/old Final Fantasy turn based random encounter style? Fallout 1 and 2 style turned based style? My own personal opioion is that the game should be RPG heavy in order to stress the thematic elements of the story (also I...
  16. Tragdor

    ask a guy who likes fat chicks

    How do you type with boxing gloves on?
  17. Tragdor

    >>>BBW Friends pt.1<<<

    Oh I get it, this is the FA version of "Where is Waldo?". All the BBWs are to distract us from finding the "Waldo"
  18. Tragdor

    Famous, superhot model/actor FA new to the boards

    An all potato diet will do this to a person, just look what happened to Ireland.
  19. Tragdor

    Honestly... I don't find all BBW beautiful.

    "hmmm I should make a thread were I tell everyone I think some fat women are ugly (because obvioulsy everyone cares what I think is attrachtive). Yes, that is a wonderful idea that won't offended anyone, that's the ticket"
  20. Tragdor

    Do you have trouble giving compliments on strangers’ bodies?

    agreed. I think my problem may be be that I am using the norms of "real life" interaction to judge my online social interaction. *shurg*