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  1. Tragdor

    Do you have trouble giving compliments on strangers’ bodies?

    I frequent the Pay Site board, like many of the men who frequent this board. I have never complimented any of the models. The longest time I really didn’t think about this, because I have never had the desire to compliment random starngers on their bodies. But upon reflection I realize that...
  2. Tragdor

    Out of Shape Stories

    What WG or XWG stories have whose plot focus is women who are very much limited in their physical actvity because of their size? I am not necessarily looking for immoblity stories, but those are good too.
  3. Tragdor

    Size Postive Character in Marvel comics?

    Lately I have become kind of a comic book geek. (As you can surely tell by my Question action figure avatar and refernce to the Justice Unlimited cartoon in my memeber status). Back to the point, a couple of months ago I stumbled on a hardback of a Marvel series named Runaways that have...
  4. Tragdor


    What were your favorite superheros as a kid and why? What are your favorite now? Marvel or DC? Did you see the Fantastic Four movie just to see Jessica Alba's panties? Feel free to talk about these things and anything superhero related in this theread
  5. Tragdor

    Food, Sex, and Contemporary moral panic at Reason Magazine Saw this piece and thought it would be good to post since it relates to America's incessant Puritanism to Morgan Spurlock and fat prejudice.
  6. Tragdor

    What are you reading thread?

    Just when you thought there weren't enough what are you....? threads here comes a new one Because I am a freshmen at college I have kind of gone book crazy latey. Nerd+ giant library= joygasm. Anyway here is my list From Marx to Mises: Post-Capitalist Society and the Challenge of...
  7. Tragdor

    sociological trend or bad generalization?

    I have noticed that many younger BBWs in my region seem to wear sandels in greater proportion to there skinny sisters. Is this a trend or am I just obversiving this because I like looking a larger girls more then skinny ones? What is everybody's thoughts on the matter?