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  1. K

    Open relationships.

    So my wife approached me about having an open relationship. Our sex life the last few years has had it's ups and downs. My size has presented some obstacles. She's a big girl herself but she's tall so the weight is spread out. I'm 5'5 430 lbs with a belly apron that can get in the way...
  2. K

    Fat and Gaining AOL chat room

    Anyone remember this chat room back in the day? By back in the day I'm talking as long ago as the late 90's. Not sure how long into the 2000s it remained active. But back then it was pretty active with feedists.
  3. K

    BBW/SSBBW that are feeders.

    There's something about a big girl who likes fat men. Especially so if they are also a feeder. My wife is one but moreso the former. She is a passive feeder. The kind that makes you your favorite food and makes enough for a family of six knowing it will all go in your belly. Or like when she...
  4. K

    when you outgrow your BBW partner.

    This has happened twice with me. The most drastic was when I first started going out with M she was 380 lbs and I was 220. It wasn't a feedist relationship by any means but we did overeat a lot. I developed certain habits she was able to kick. She no longer binged but my bingeing increased...
  5. K

    SSBBW FFA/Feeders

    I wonder how common this phenomenon is. I think most FFA's tend to be slim and like the size difference of a heavier man. Likewise, I think most FA's like their women to be much heavier than them. I think in both these cases the women tend to be submissive(not always of course, but i think in...
  6. K

    where are the FFA that like the short fellas

    this isn't a personal add or plea or anything. Just a short fat fella appreciation thread or actually a roll call for FFA that like short fat fellas! woohoo!!! short fat fellas are sturdier. the weight is spread out. How often do you see a short fat man with wee legs and a beer belly...
  7. K

    is dimensions fattening?

    what was your weight when you first came to the site and what is your weight now? me...180 and now 180. huzzah